Ipod-kindle DIY Speakers





Introduction: Ipod-kindle DIY Speakers

Step 1: Ipod-kindle DIY Speakers

What you'll need
X2 cups
X1 paper towel role
X1 Xacto knife
X1 marker or sharpie

Step 2: Pod-kindle DIY Speakers

Take your cups and draw a circle of your paper towel role

Step 3: Pod-kindle DIY Speakers

Step 4: Pod-kindle DIY Speakers

Cut paper towel role in the rectangle of the Ipod or tablet 

Step 5: Pod-kindle DIY Speakers

fix the role into the holes of the cups you cut earlier and ducktape around 



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    this is a true Redneck hack. It gets a vote from me.

    You're welcome. I like to think of "redneck" as just a way of using what you have to make what you need or want as simply as possible. I know there are elaborate redneck creations, but I think if a person is going to build something elaborate they should try to make it look nice. Why waste time and effort on something that looks like junk?

    I wonder if this would work with pvc pieces instead of tp tube and plastic cups?