Ipod / Mp4 Dock Station or Mp3 Server Controlled From Bed With Zero Cost





Introduction: Ipod / Mp4 Dock Station or Mp3 Server Controlled From Bed With Zero Cost

Hi, I would like to listen my mp3 songs on my home theater, but, my home theater is on my bedroom and my computer is on another side of my home. Tired of burn discs, I solved this problem...

I was need anything with continuous power supply, controlled from bed and with sleep function to listen my favorites mp3 until sleep...

So, I made this thing without buy anything.....basicaly I used 2 cables, a old mouse and a cheap mp4 player.....

Sorry my bad english, I am brazilian.

You will need:

1 - Cable - RCA to 3.5mm - ( I found a TDK cable on a old box with a lot of old cables...some cameras come with it and we never give importance)
2 - Old mouse...not slim mouse or mini-mouse...
3 - Little drill like dremel..
4 - 3m double face or any tape like this... but with strong fixation...
5 - Peace of Eva, rubber, or anything smooth...
6 - Glue or hot glue...
7 - Common cable like phone cable or cheap/old speaker cables....
8 - Plier;
9 - mom's hairdryer
10 - mp3 or mp4 player.

Step 1: Where I Want Listen My Mp3...

Step 2: Dismount a Old Optical Mouse...

Step 3: Measure It With Your Mp3 Player...

Step 4: Use Protection Glass for Cut This...

I don't know how to describe this step, because probably your mouse is different of my unit...and your mp3 player can be different too.. and it can be more or less slim of mine unit...

Step 5: Remove This Things...

Step 6: Mom's Hairdryer and Plier...

Take your mom's hairdryer and turn on it directly on mouse...after some minutes, it will make plastic more easy to bend with plier and don't will broke or fissure...

Step 7: Smooth Finishing....

Step 8: Stronger Tape

On the back, put 2 pieces of stronger double face tape like 3m...I don't have this photo. :(

Step 9: Cable Preparation...

Gray cable on the photo is a Brazilian traditional phone cable, I don't know if your country use the same cable, but it have 2 pairs of isolated slim wires..

Step 10: Connections and Continuous Power Supply...

Step 11: Done! Personalized, Discreet, Elegant, Small, and the Most Important: Free!!!

I put a one touch function (macro), named "listen mp3" on my universal remote: This macro turn on my receiver, put on aux mode, 6 channel function, and 60 minutes sleep time. :)

Step 12:



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    All I can say is that I wish I lived in a house like that! Also I thought that was an Ipod. But anyways nice Ible.



    Although, you might want to add on one of the pictures "Not a real Ipod" Just because some members might think it is some foreign type of ipod.


    That's true...thanks!


    Yeah...but menus aren't so easy like ipod... ipod is more fast, easy, slim, but with the same good headphone, sound quality it's not so different...

    As long as it can play music, it's a good player. I personally have an iPod touch. It was expensive ($200 for an 8GB refurbished), but I can use the Internet, check my email, listen to music, and run applications on it. I'm happy.


    Here on Brazil a IPOD touch 8gb used cost around $266 (US dolar) - and new: $348

    Have you got a saw-wheel for the Dremel? I find they cut better than the grinding discs. L

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    Hi, on instructionable, I forgot english name for "little drill", so I used "like dremel". My unit is good, but, not so expensive like a dremel, it is sells here on Brazil with "fort" name.

    Mine isn't a Dremel either, but it looked like you were having a hard time cutting (all the melted-plastic)? (can you see the wheel I've got?) L


    Yeahh, I can see...black thing is a peace of marble?!! Your unit cut marble??? Yes, it melted a little, but controllable...worst was little hot pieces of plastic flying on my face and chest... on the left is a gift from my fiancee on right is my unit on suitcase ...


    I have exactly the same box (left) - but you don't seem to have a saw-wheel. In that picture the marble is just to rest plastic on. L