Okay, I found lots of Ipod cases made from socks,and i found a Instructable that shows how to make a doggie pull toy.
I wanted to make both so i decided to do this.
Creditz: J_SCAP For Doggie pull toy and Shadow Ops for ISock.
Only give me credit for posting this Instructable,Photo's and for using my brain .
(I lost my Ipod Nano that happens all the time when i need it,So i putted a Tom-Tec cheap mp3 player in, from my little brother

Step 1: Items needed.

You will need:

Two old socks
Some small device (Ipod,Mobile)
A dog (Unless you want do do it with friends O__o)
A scissor
Sew and needle, or a sew machine
Good looking dog! :)
Isn't the "football" a soccer ball?
Isnt a Across-The-Pond ball a futbol? Or Futbal, or Footbol, or .....
Yes, but i get confused a lot of times because i live in europe
In holland we call it 'voetval' and a football (american) a 'rugbybal'
in Europe, they call american soccer, futbol (football)
Hey, just curious why you used a sock as a case? Check out my koozie carry case I made for my GPS. It could probably be modified for an iPod. I got the idea from a koozie cell phone carry case my sister bought me. It saved my Razor phone from water when I dropped it in the toilet and it saved it from shock when I dropped it several times as well.
thats not an ipod...
Yeah i know :{

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