Picture of Ipod wallet pouch out of duct tape
How to make an iPod pouch as well a wallet. So instead of carrying a wallet and an Ipod you just carry an Ipod. In this tutorial I will show you how to make a wallet pouch

by Stephen Browne

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Step 1: Getting the stuff

Picture of Getting the stuff
Step 1:
This it what you"l need:

Duct tape

Step 2: Wrapping duct tape

Picture of wrapping duct tape
photo (11).JPG
photo (10).JPG
photo (9).JPG
photo (7).JPG
photo (8).JPG
Step 2:
This it you'll have to do:

Wrap the sticky side out around the iPod then do the opposite.
don't make it too tight else the ipod won't fit.
then tape the bottom
then wrap the sticky side out around the iPod then do the opposite again.
then stick it on the other one and do the bottom.

Step 3: Test and ENJOY!!

Picture of Test and ENJOY!!
Slip your iPod and money in.

troykkjones2 years ago
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