Ir Remote Camera Shutter for Android Phone





Introduction: Ir Remote Camera Shutter for Android Phone

For you're like photo selfie, definitely should have a tool that could make it easier to take foto.there are some tools that can be used which can be purchased at amazon(or other online shop).you can choose between taking the cable connected headset or connected with i make which can be operated by ir remote with connected them on headset.

Step 1: Things You Need

BD140 or any pnp transistor should be work
BD139 or any npn transistor should be work
Resistor 10K 2 pieces, a 220 ohm,a 2.2k ohm
2.2uF/16volt capasitor
3mm led
Battery cr 2025
Headphone jack
Soldering iron

Step 2: Schematic

Step 3: Test

You see how it action on this video



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    Can any tell me the use of the condenser mike? It looks like it is across the contacts of the plug which is inserted into the smart phone.

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    when try without condenser mic it isn't work properly,sometimes it won't take a shoot


    Unless you plan to actually use the microphone, just put a 2.2 kOhm resistor over its terminals - the phone detects that a headset is connected when an impedance over 1 kOhm (and under a few hundred kOhm IIRC) is bridging the mic-gnd contacts (better go to 2.2 kOhm though as that is further away from the resistances that signals different key-presses. Then change the 220 Ohm resistor to 270 Ohm for the phone to detect the trigger pulse (because of the transistor, you might need a lower value - the main thing is that the parallel value of the 2.2k and the lower value resistor+transistor should equal 240 Ohm for the Vol+, that is used to take a picture (remember to select that option in the phone, or else it will just zoom in).

    There is a couple of errors in the schematic. you have got the collector and emitter of the 2SA733 the wrong way around and the TSOP1738 is drawn with gnd and V+ swapped as well.

    A further note is that according to your schematic, your headset is wired to the Cellular Telephone Industries Association (CTIA) standard, while most newer phones use the Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP) standard. The difference is that the OMTP puts the ground on the sleeve of the TRRS connector (where it belongs) and the microphone at the nearest ring (CTIA swaps mic and ground), so for those who build this and get no joy at all, try swapping these two contacts.

    For the 2SA733 (Jap PNP) transistor, BC557 (Euro) or 2N3906 (US) can be used and for the 2SC945 (NPN¨), BC547 or 2N3904 would do.

    Change the two 10 kOhm resistors to 1 kOhm (2.2 kOhm if you raise the voltage) and you'll get more light in the LED and more reliable triggering.

    One issue remains though. The TSOP1738 needs 5V (+/- 0.5V), so any function on 3.0V is pure luck. If you use two CR2032 with a diode in series (to lower the supply to around 5.3V) you are more likely to achieve consistent results (and the up to 35m range, under best conditions).

    Hope this is helpful. Feel free to incorporate whatever of it you want in your instructible.


    thank for the correction.i've been checked there is a mistake.i've been changed the scematic.and thank for ur suggestion to replace condenser mic with 2.2k ohm resistor i think that best idea

    sorry correction it doesn't work properly :)


    Not trying to rain on your parade, but some people might want one without being able to make it.

    I was about to build a similar unit last summer, when I stumbled over this...

    Works with iPhone and Android, take pics and zoom in/out (zoom only works on Android). It's small uses a CR2032. Unfortunately they're out of stock presently (and now $3.66 while I paid $2.48 each - free worldwide shipping and fast delivery, around 1 week to DK). They can be found at other Chinese sites as well.

    At that price, I wouldn't consider building myself (just the matrix board would cost me more), although I swear to DIY, so I got a couple - one to butcher for a BT pedal (with an automatic power down) to make it easier to document my projects.

    Have a nice day :)

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    $3 is still too expensive on my country(Indonesia).in my project i can get most of all part cheaply.
    but thanks for comment

    I understand that completely and it's nice to see that you reused components!

    It was meant for those who wouldn't know a transistor from a resistor :)

    But now I'm getting curious... How much is an Android, say a Samsung of sorts in your country?

    oh i'm sorry of my missunderstood.and i'm sorry cause my english is bad
    i use this on my redmi 2

    and even i can get many of part freely

    Yup. Bought my shutter button at the dollar store. $3!
    Cool project though!

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