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Hello! guys today i'm gonna show you how to make your own ir remote control with the help of this you can control your any home appliances. So let's get started

Step 1: Circuit Diagam and Components

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Here it is the circuit diagram which we can build it with the help of this diagram. This diagram is available on google images i just saved it and make my own ir chip with this diagram.


IC: cd4017 with base and TSOP 1738 (ir receiver)

Resistors: 4.7k x 2, 1k, 100 ohms,100k

Transistors: bc557 and bc547

5volt relay

Diodes: 1n4148 (zener)

Led: red or any other

Capacitors: 10uf

Step 2: Placing Components

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put the components on vero board at right place according to diagram

Step 3: Soldering

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i just make a solder track because it's much better than other type of soldering.

Step 4:

Picture of

and finally its build by me its very easy.

I hope you guys like it.


Areeburrub (author)2016-06-14

how to make on bread board

vina1991 (author)2016-06-13

this circuit have a cant hold the relay for long time it automatically switch off after 10 minute

let me check

mahima2md (author)2016-03-31

is this work in 3.7 v ?

No it's not operate on 3.7 volts minimum 5 volt required

saturn1349 (author)2016-01-03

I'm new to this stuff i made a Ir remot project were you are soposed to turn led on and off with remot but I don't know how to find a code To open and verify it with on audrino

jeff tomson (author)2015-10-21

i mean metal ofcourse sry for the typing errors:) :) :) :)

jeff tomson (author)2015-10-21

can anyone please help me
when i did the circuit on the breadboard everything was working just fine bat when i did it on the pcb it isnt working. It isnt detecting thw remote but the circuit activates the relay when i insert a meral or smthng in between the transistor bc 547 lead .Do can anyone please help me out

CrisB3 (author)2015-09-17

does it work for any IR remote?

Asadullah Mughal (author)CrisB32015-09-23

not for all remotes but its compatible with mostly remote like mp3 etc

anandrocks (author)2015-08-15

can i remove the led from this circuit

anandrocks if you want it depends on you.

jali17 (author)2015-07-31

Thanks for sharing thia project but I have a ton of questions

firstly, how do you program that thing so it works the way you want, for example how do I program it so I can increase and decrease fan speed

Asadullah Mughal (author)jali172015-08-07

jali17 you can use PIC IC bcz its easy to use or may i'll give you a solution some day.

anandrocks (author)2015-08-02

hi what was your total cost or this project (INR)

anandrocks Under 4 to 5 dollar only

chetan4b3 (author)2015-07-26

Good just needs to place and do.


sunilb6 (author)2015-07-26

Bro will you please explain the working...

Asadullah Mughal (author)sunilb62015-07-27

why not sunilb6. Basically its infra red (IR) remote control with the help of this you can easily on/off your electronic device. You just simply build this and connect your any device according to relay's amp like printer, scanner, PC etc and then simply hit the power button through remote your device will be on and vice versa.

neopolitan (author)2015-07-21

Always a good idea to credit your source.... i like your solder tracks, they are killa!!!

neopolitan check this out i hope you like a soldering of this one

Bảo ThyH (author)2015-07-22

i have ton of same (same code) ir transmitters (tv remotes). how can i make the receiver know which one is pressed? thanks.

You'll need a decoder and encoder.

i don't understand. i use arduino

Bảo ThyH i'm not sure about arduino. I'm working on it later then may b i'll tell you later.

thanks, i really need it for my project. i'll make a article when i finish it.

Asadullah Mughal (author)2015-07-21

friends i need your votes if you like mine soldering.

vote now

Zafar AhmedA (author)2015-07-21

sir use ir remote control for 1hp water pump control

sir zafar ahmedA i'm not sure. I think you need to check the ampere and then need to replacing the relay.

rajbex (author)2015-07-21

The circuit diagram posted here is taken from a project posted on my website. Here is the link to the original project page:

Asadullah Mughal (author)rajbex2015-07-21

yeah! you are right....:)

24Eng (author)2015-07-20

Could you explain the function? Does the relay stay on after a particular button is pressed and off when another button is pressed?

Asadullah Mughal (author)24Eng2015-07-20

sorry for late replying btw dear yes of course it will stay after pressing the button

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