Out of a 4mm multiplex wood, laser-cut (see files) :
- bottom layer : screw head holes
- 2nd bottom layer : cavity bottom + screw threading holes
- cavity slices (here 6x)
- big ring gear
- 5x small inner gears
- 5x blades
- one more cavity slice to retain the hexagonal nuts
- hexagonal nuts holder slice
- top ring

- 5x screws : M4, 4x40mm
- 5x hexagonal screw nuts
- 5x large washers
- 5x small washers


- wood glue
- flat screwdriver, medium size
- sand paper (120-180)
- some weight (heavy book), or clamps
- optional : cutter

Step 1: Top rings

Assemble the top rings:
- Put glue dots on the hexagonal holder slice (image #1)
- Place it on the top slice
- Place the hexagonal nuts in their holders (image #2)
- Put glue dots on the hexagonal nuts retainers slice (one of the 7 cavity slices) (image #3)
- Place it on the hexagonal holder ring (image #4)
- !!! Make sure that the holes are aligned !!! Try to insert M4 screw into the holes to confirm that it is actually possible to screw into the nuts.
- While the glue is drying, press the assembly under some weight (heavy book or so), or use clamps (image #5).

TIP: if you use clamps, do not press to hard to avoid distortion.

TIP: make sure to keep all the slice aligned while pressing, and wipe off the glue that might drop off the assembly, otherwise it will look like a pile of pancake covered with maple syrup (image #6, mmmmmhhh, nom, nom,...) :-)
<p>How to remove the laser cut black carbon</p><p>http://www.instructables.com/id/Tiling-pattern-laser-cut-and-make-white-from-black/</p><p>Toshinaga Urabe</p><p>toshi10@lcc-japan.co.jp</p>
<p>This is awesome! I'm going to adapt it for a project of my own- iMadeIt to follow...</p>
<p>I made some of these as christmas presents and they worked awesome! I loved the SCAD file, it made it really easy to scale it up to about 120mm across.</p><p>I also made it out of 3mm wallnut, which lasers just as easily as mdf, it's just more expensive, I cnc milled the base out of 26mm wallnut so I wouldn't need so many layers and instead of using screws and bolts, I just glued in aluminum rod, which let me skip 3 of the top layers and makes it look a bit more streamlined.</p><p>there's a few more photos on my blog: http://buzzwordoverload.co.uk/things-i-made/2015/iris-jewellery-boxes/</p>
Beautiful work !<br>Thanks for the credits, and respecting the open source design spirit. I like your improvements to the original design.
<p>I made one of these this week at TechShop and it came out very nice! Thanks so much for the drawings!</p>
<p>Good for you. It's always nice to have good feedback. Thanks.</p>
Congratulations, this is also
That's an awesome project! Will it work with MDF?
Sure. <br>Acutally MDF could do better on the mecanical point of view (I didn't try, thought); remember that some parts need to slide on each other, and MDF is smoother than plain wood. <br>I find MDF is not that good looking, you can try to paint it but in turn that can affect the mecanical properties in the wrong way.
Beautiful work, I thanks for the dxf file, I might try one out of plex.
What does a laser cutter cost?
how long is a piece of string? depends what you want to pay really. mine cost &pound;5k
You can find some cheap Chinese ones around a couple of thousand euros/dollars. <br>This is no cheap tool, you'll better find a makerspace nearby to get your cut done, or there are a number online services (e.g. Ponoko)
It looks pretty but I have no idea what it's for. What is an 'iris box?&quot;
It's a box (like a jewelry box) that uses an iris mechanism as a lid.
Oh, I see. Thanks! That's a pretty clever idea.
nice, but a video of it in action would make it 1000 times better.
Beautiful gear mechanism! Do you have cutting files available?<br><br>I have a couple slight mods in my head. Since you're laser cutting the blades, you can etch a gear guide right on them to aid in alignment, and trim the unneeded teeth at the same time!<br><br>Now, where might I find cut files?
I'll upload the files very soon. <br>Indeed, there is actually little effort needed to get the extra teeth out of the cut files. <br>I did exposed that on a Makerfaire and was in a rush to publish the how-to.
Yay! Files! <br> <br>Thank you SO much! I just might play with this today at the office (ready to pause my carousel project, so this is a good filler).
Wow, gorgeous box. But it needs photos of the finished box and a brief video embedded would be ideal!
Coming soon !
How bout some photos of finished working product so we know what it is?
Yes, indeed. Well, this is my first post so I obviously made a nooby mistake. I'll add one photo of the finished object, but you mostly have it on the last step although the picture doesn't show very clearly the iris. <br>

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