Picture of Iris Folding Sponge Bob
On a card forum I saw the ladies talking about Iris Folding.  I did a little research and found the website http://www.circleofcrafters.com/irisfolding/ in which I followed there step by step instructions to make a heart.  It came out so pretty, and was so easy to do I thought, "I can easily do this with the kids.  To keep them interested let's make it a character they love!"  And thus the Iris Folded Sponge Bob came about.

A copy of Sponge Bob - a word document is attached that I got from a google search and setup (see below)
3 Patterns or Shades of Scrap Yellow
2 - 3 Patterns or Shades of Scrap White
Lots of Tape
1 Cardstock bigger then the Sponge Bob photo you are using.

Included on this ible is a word document with three parts that you can use according to your student's ability / your prep time availability.  The first is a Sponge Bob with the lines drawn in and a color code to use. The second is a blank one in case you want to let the student's try to make their own pattern for the inside (good for teaching shapes and rotations).  The last is a copy of what Sponge Bob looks like so you can add the details.  There are two of each so that you can do this as a Mommy and Me if you want.
blossom9283 (author) 3 years ago
Thanks guys! Now that I found Iris Folding I want to Iris Fold everything. It's so much fun and who can resist Sponge Bob!
sunshiine3 years ago
I love this! Thanks for sharing.
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Very cool!