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Introduction: Iris Business Card

This is an iris mechanism built into a business card sized card.

The design files can be downloaded here:
Another version with 4 leafs: 

The paper needs to be fairly thick because it needs some stiffness to operate. I use a 14 point (0.014") paper

It can be cut by hand, but it would of course be much easier on a laser or paper cutting machine.



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have you thought of putting a logo behind the iris?

I made mine out of playing cards. Great design!!!!!

13, 9:19 PM.jpg

Do you have a template for printing the card info?

Sorry I don't have a template specifically designed for easily adding text to this one.

If you want to add text on it I would suggest working with the .svg file with the free vector program "Inkscape".

Yes, I think so

Ok, thanks! I will try it out tonight!

Have u got a video for the 4 sided iris card?

If not can u pls make one and put it on instructables? Thnx

Saw this on youtube after I saw your Instructable

Thanks for posting that. That one even pre-dates mine. I tried searching around to see if anyone had ever done it before, but that didn't show up in my search.