Iris Greeting Card





Introduction: Iris Greeting Card

This is an iris mechanism built into a greeting card sized card. This version also has slots on the back that allow you to place a 2"x3" photo behind the iris to reveal a picture when the mechanism is operated.

The design files can be downloaded here:

The paper needs to be fairly thick because it needs some stiffness to operate. I use a 14 point (0.014") paper

It can be cut by hand, but it would of course be much easier on a laser or paper cutting machine. 



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    5 Discussions

    U know how u made a video and also steps on how to make the trebutcard and the cardapult, could u do it for the irises? Pls?

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    Well this video covers 95% of it. The only thing not covered by this video is cutting out the parts which would just be following the lines on the design files with scissors and a hobby knife, then follow the video. Then you would just need to apply some glue to the edges instead of the peel&stick tape that my kits come with.

    I think the actual assembly would be confusing and hard to understand in written form, that's why I just did the video for this one.

    I can't watch it because of how long the video is, mum and dad don't want me downloading YouTube vids.

    I printed the design and I have no idea how to do it

    Hmmm :\ Sorry about that. It would take quite a bit of time to make a decent step-by-step instructions because it is kinda complicated and hard to explain the fine details. This card was never really popular enough for me to spend the time.

    You are a GENIUS!!

    Thanks so much for sharing templates and instructions.You've saved (a small but significant amount of) my life.