Step 3: Making Gnache!

  1. Gently heat cream on the stovetop or in the microwave
  2. Add chocolate and let sit for a few moments
  3. Stir gently until chocolate is melted and combined with the cream
  4. Mix in butter, vanilla, and Jameson
  5. Allow to cool until thick (semi-solid)
  6. Spoon into a pastry bag or plastic bag
<p>These cupcakes would goo so well long a non alcoholic cocktail served from one of these cool things : http://www.thebeergiraffe.com/en/what-is-a-beer-tower/</p>
<p>This looks out of this world. To bad I cannot cook</p>
<p>Irish Cupcake Bombs? XD</p>
<p>I made this about 3 years ago and people BEG me every year to make them again. Might be time to bring it back...</p>
About how many would this make, a dozen?&nbsp; :) They look exquisite!<br />
The recipe will make a dozen large cupcakes, or a whole lot more mini ones (at least 24, last time I made small ones I ended up with 32 of them). I personally prefer the smaller ones since the flavors can all be enjoyed together that way.<br />
<p>If you make mini cupcakes, what would your guesstimation be on the amount of alcohol in each? Like comparable to a shot or much less or much more?</p>
<p>Because the alcohol in the beer almost entirely cooks off, I would say that the amount in a mini cupcake would be minimal (roughly 2 1/2 tablespoons in 24 cupcakes doesn't come out to much).</p>
A dozen large or 2 dozen-ish mini. To say nothing about the regular sized tin. It's my preferred size, or is that what is meant by &quot;large&quot;? OR! Is size just relative? :P
I use &quot;large&quot; to describe what is actually a &quot;regular&quot;-sized cupcake - sorry about the confusion!
Thanks darlin. Just checkin :) I use &quot;Jumbo&quot; muffin tins to make breakfast muffins on the regular.
Thank you so much, dear. :) I'm very much looking forward to these!<br />
<p>I made these, they are sooo good! I love the density and moistness of just the cupcake. And the chocolate and Guinness balance is just right! I used brandy instead of whiskey for the ganache because that's what I had on hand, and I had some swiss meringue buttercream on hand, so I mixed Irish cream into that(1 oz Irish cream per pound of buttercream).</p>
<p>Sounds great!</p>
This is mine. What would you suggest to make the frosting creamier? Add more Baileys?
Either more Baileys or a splash of cream should help.
Thank you, It did!
This is a great recipe! My daughter has made these for St. Patty's tomorrow and they're definitely yummy! Sooo good! =drools=
Ooh. There is a stand at my local farmer's market here in the bay that sells Guiness cupcakes. My husband will be so happy when he hears we can try these at home. Will let you know how they go :) Thank you for posting this recipe!
Hope you enjoy them!
I made these the other day and they were delicious. Thanks for the instructable.
Did I miss where you credited Smitten Kitchen? Your cake recipe is identical to hers, your ganache is nearly so, and your frosting only has a bit more butter; all other proportions and ingredients are the same. I often adapt recipes, but if I follow them this closely, I give credit. Sincere apologies if you did and i missed it. :)
A friend of mine actually shared this recipe with me, and I have since made some changes and seen it in loads of places online (among them the ever-awesome Smitten Kitchen).
I've seen many different VERSIONS of &quot;carbomb cupcakes&quot; all over the internet, many of them significantly different from each other. The versions that closely follow other recipes, like yours does, credit the originals. Not trying to be a jerk at all - I like your photos and instructions, and I'm not saying you knowingly took credit for a recipe that isn't yours. But now you know that at LEAST the cake recipe you claim isn't yours, and it's only fair to give proper credit. <br><br>Anywho.. not gonna hound you or anything.. just a thought. I'm totally in the mood for these now, dangit. :)
I made these a couple months ago for my parents while modifying the recipe a bit. I used Guinness 250th anniversary instead of regular Guinness (it is a bit stronger), didn't do the Gnache, and used Kahlua for the frosting. It would have been better with the Gnache I think but they were really good!<br><br>Thanks for the 'ible!
Your variation sounds awesome as well!
When I went to England they called the drinks 'Irish Muff Divers'. Offensive in a completely different way, and I kinda like it :)
The real winner in this recipe, is the Frosting. Oh and if your careful, in the gnache and frosting you can double the booze! just a little less cream and butter. whooo hoooo! Happy St. Pats
I made these minus the gnache and substituting Frangelico for Bailey's. I must say they turned out delicious. The cupcakes by themselves are delicious, too!
Sounds great also! So glad you enjoyed them!
for anyone worried about the name just think chocolate yummies
If these were called &quot;Arab Suicide Bomber Falafals&quot; you would be banned.<br />
As I noted, I also feel that the name of the drink is unfortunate and quite offensive). However, I don't feel that using the name of a particular drink (which I would hope someday soon becomes known as something else) warrants this type of comparison.<br />
Apparantly the drink can also be known as a &quot;shamrock bomb.&quot; The word &quot;bomb&quot; in drinks is always used when a shot is dropped (like a bomb) into a glass of beer.<br /> <br /> Maybe you could call these shamrock cupcakes - and on St Patrick's day a bit of green colouring could be added to the icing!<br />
Oh ok you're only doing it because everyone else does. Carry on then.<br />
don't be a jerk<br />
That's the name of the drink it's based on.&nbsp; Take your snide remarks elsewhere.<br />
&nbsp;&nbsp;This... will be made in future. O__O
Final Verdict: They're far more scrumptious than they looked! &lt;3 Yum. Thank you!<br />
Well I am pretty excited about making these for my boyfriend's colleagues (some of whom are Irish, and not offended).&nbsp; I just wonder how many of the offended people on here are actually Irish, and by that I mean from Ireland, not &quot;my great great grandfather was from Ireland&quot;.&nbsp; If you've never been and can't find it on a map, you're not Irish...&nbsp; I grew up in an English military town in the 1980s, with a very real and continued threat of car bombs from the IRA throughout my childhood and teenage years and I'm NOT offended by the name.&nbsp; It's a name!&nbsp; Who cares?! &nbsp;If people spent less time finding things to be offended by and spent more time trying to make the world better, everyone'd be a winner.&nbsp; The recipe looks awesome!&nbsp; Shame people can't focus on what's important eh ;)<br />
Just to add; they are all made and have been tested and are bloody gorgeous!<br />
So glad to hear it!&nbsp;Please feel free to post pictures of them as well!<br />
These turned out really good! Not very strong though, &nbsp;I expected more of a car bomb flavor. Maybe next time I would add more jameson &amp; bailey's (I'm afraid to alter the cooked part haha). I would most definitely try using the frosting on something else too, I &lt;3 baileys mmmm<br />
So glad to hear they turned out well!&nbsp;I've found that when they're not kept cold the flavor is stronger.<br />
If your worried about alcohol content, couldn't you boil off the alcohol first, and then mix it in? Or would that ruin it? I have only cooked with white wine and sake, so I wouldn't know.<br />
You could give it a shot, but I'm not sure how that would change the taste. Also, because of the Bailey's involved in the frosting, and the Jameson in the filling, (neither of which are cooked), I'm not sure how that alcohol could be avoided.<br /> <br /> As is (though they do taste rather strong) per cupcake the alcohol content is probably about 1-2 teaspoons, if that. I still would advise against letting kids have at them though.<br />

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