Irish Car Bomb Jelly Shots


Introduction: Irish Car Bomb Jelly Shots

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This recipe is from my blog, The Homicidal Homemaker - "Where Home Economics Meets Horror!"
See this recipe here.

**Regarding the name of the drink (which was not created or named by me)…a shot of Bailey’s floated with Jameson is served alongside the glass of Guinness and the shot is dropped into the glass before drinking (aka ‘bomb shot’). Irish ingredients + bomb shot = Irish Car Bomb. This tutorial is not meant to offend anyone; I am not in any way 'making light' of the name or past tragedies that have occurred, and nowhere in this post have I said that the name is humorous. I simply just wanted to put the drink in jelly shot form, because I enjoy the taste of the drink itself.**



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    Thanks! They're certainly not for everyone, as the beer taste really comes through. I might try mixing both layers and adding the cocoa as I mentioned in the last paragraph. Perhaps for next year? :)

    AWESOME!! This is the first thing I am making when I redeploy from Afghanistan! makes my Jello shot book look like kids games! Have you tried to use a lil paper cup to make them look like pints? you ROCK!