Picture of Iron Man 3 Arc Reactor.
2013 09:52 PM.jpg
2013 09:52 PM.jpg
As has been said in my previous Arc reactor instructables, I love Iron man.

first Arc http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-build-iron-mans-arc-reactor/

Whiplash Arc: http://www.instructables.com/id/Whiplash-Arc-reactor-MK-II/

iron man 2 arc: http://www.instructables.com/id/Iron-man-2-Arc-reactor-VII/

So with the imminent release or the third instalment of the iron man movies i decided i would give the arc featured in the trailers and posters a go. 

The Arc i have made is made and designed is based wholly on the one shot, so i have no idea on how deep the arc is, ive used my past builds on the other arcs to guess the levels and design of this arc. 

So here goes :)

Step 1: Tools and materials.


- files
- sand paper
- knives (scalpel, exacto, craft)
- rulers (any straight edge)


- 3mm perspex
- 2mm perspex
- thin card (0.7mm i don't know the gsm)
- solvent glue.
- spray paint.
Super Rohit1 month ago
Could you attach laser cutting files
cleomaru4 months ago
Up next? How to make your own laser cutter?.....

which colors did you cut on your plans and which did you etch?

hi, i think it was blue for cut and green line etch and black or red fill for rasterising.

it doesnt matter (for the most part) what colour one uses, unless you actually have my plans then it can be quite self explanatory as the lines on the outside of the drawings are normally the cutting lines then you can work back from there.

You mean iron man 1 arc reactor this is mk 1 not mkV
yagos72 years ago
How much do you charge for the plans? what include on the plans?
backwards lamb (author)  yagos72 years ago
if you go to my website and email me through that i will answer all you questions regarding plans for items.
bknott12 years ago
How did you get this to light up? Did you jsut illuminate it from behind? I'd like to make one that lights up by itself :) Welld one thugh, it's awesoem!
backwards lamb (author)  bknott12 years ago
it lights up using an EL panel at the back of all the parts.
Hey. where did you get the light from the reactor? and can i cut the parts without the sketches? thnx. ~^_^
i mean without the plans?
Do you sell these?
backwards lamb (author)  isaac.gunther2 years ago
no sorry i do not, but i do sell the plans.
Mr.Sanchez2 years ago
Nobody doubts that you freaking love IRONMAN. Biggest Fan ever.!!
this i very cool i am SERIOUS THIS IS AWESOME
I_StarkGuy2 years ago
Actually, form the photo you based on, this is not the reactor. The photo is from the chest assembly in the armor, the thing that draws the power from the reactor. But your project is very nice looking and I like it very much. I wish I had access to cutters to make one like this.
backwards lamb (author)  I_StarkGuy2 years ago
Yeah i know that but i didn't think "iron man 3 uni-beam" had as much draw as "iron man 3 arc reactor." :)
I think that the reactor will be the same triangle shaped, what do you think?
backwards lamb (author)  I_StarkGuy2 years ago
Yeah the arc will be a palladium core arc but it will be a different design as he always changed the design. The drone suits and war machine will have ones like this in them.
What diameter you think a reactor has?
backwards lamb (author)  I_StarkGuy2 years ago
i dont know. depends on what you scale it to. i think my designs have a size of around 90mm
90mm looks like the original design. I'll try it. As you can see from my pic, I already made a reactor, but it overheated and the diodes fused. I'm redesigning it.
DeltaD202 years ago
THis is amazing work! Do you ever so slider selling them? If yes how much?
So awesome!! This really looks like a movie prop.
backwards lamb (author)  ReneediCherri2 years ago
Thank you . i really enjoy making these. :)