Iron Man Arc Reactor


Introduction: Iron Man Arc Reactor

About: i am in class 11 and i like making rc cars and other rc stuffs i also like making unique models .

i made this one for one of my brother's friend and he is of 11 yr. so i decided not to use rechargeable one.
it is cheap to make and look really cool;)

Step 1: Materials

LEDs x(1 big, 3 medium, 3 small)
transparent sheet
blue colour acrylic sheet (or acrylic blue colour if you don't have blue sheet)
black tape
battery 9v
common craft tools

Step 2: Front

use the image and print it to copy on a black cardboard and cut it.

Step 3: Light Medium

cut circles similar to front from transparent sheet and blue one as well. place one by one.

Step 4: LEDs

place led in center or like image 1 and connect in parallel.
place switch and battery clip
place all together and cover with black tape

its complete.
hope you enjoy.

Step 5: Types

i made 2 of them
1. of 1 big led.

2. of 7 small LEDs.



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