Picture of Iron Man - Arc Reactor
Hi,this is my first and the only instructable so far. Sorry for my bad comunication skills nad English :) So always follow the pictures. You may ask all of your queries in your mind in any way. Here are the materials I used for a simple Arc Reactor.

- A CD container
- 10 meters copper wire
- Aluminum foil
- Paper
- 11 LEDs
- A Roller bearing (you don't have to use it if you can't find) 
- 2 x 1.5V battery
- Black cardboard
- Copper plane
- Solder
- Glue
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Step 1:

Picture of
1) At the first step, I  drew the shape of reactor on a paper and cut out it from CD container.I can't give measurements of the drawing because it depends on your CD container. 

2) Then cut 1 metre copper wire for each of the branches on the reactor and wind them. You will understand it better at the picture.

3) Cut a black circle from a black paper(or something else) for the inside circle.

4) Cut aluminium foil like a circle for the outer circle.

Step 2:

Picture of
5) Now we will made the lighting-up :) Cut a circle from a copper plane(which has holes on it). It should be a little smaller then the radius of reactor.

6) Cut a circle from a pink(or blue,grey etc. you decide) paper like in the picture and paste it to the copper circle.

7) Place 10 LEDs on the copper circle like in the picture(not solder for now)

8) For the soldering part, the positive pins(long pins) of LEDs will be soldered together,and the negative pins(shorter pins) solder together too.(parallel I mean)

 9) Glue roller bearing to the middle of the copper plane and cut a circle from a solder and paste it too.

Step 3:

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10) Use aluminum for the sides of the reactor too.

11) Make one solder ring too for the upper side of the reactor.

12) Cut copper wires and paste them between the branches

stark 282 years ago
Where can I find all these things
zapdos (author)  stark 282 years ago
Basicly, the LEDs,copper wire,copper plane and batteries can be provide from any electrical material seller. You can find roller bearing from mechanics. Remainings are general things(glue,paper etc.)