2 LED tap lights(1-2 dollars a piece)
Electrical Wire (took from school, can be purchased though)
Water Bottle(1 dollar)
10 bright white LEDs (I took mine out of a flashlight which was 2 dollars)
Tap filter
Mason jar cap
Thin cardboard/Bristol board
Metal Rebar (around 10 dollars)
Metal towing cable (enough to reach your wrist to your chest twice 2 dollars[probably less])
Gardening glove(although could be any glove really mine were 2 dollars)
Pipe cover(2-3 dollars)
Jar with deep top(or anything of the sort, all we really want is the top)

Wire cutters/strippers
Soldering gun/solder
Red/Silver Spraypaint
glue gun

Pardon the lack of step by step imaging. I did not think to create an instructable until after I had made it.

Step 1: Arc Reactor

Drill 10 evenly spaced holes in the pipe cover big enough for an LED to stick through.

Dismantle the tap light without damaging the circuit board, reflective piece or plastic lens.

Remove the wire connecting the battery housing and the circuit board. Soldering on new wires long enough to go from your chest to a pocket. Keeping the battery housing out of the chest helps make it thinner.

Solder wire onto the tap light circuit board in parallel. To find the right spot simply touch the wires from an LED onto parts of the tap light board to see where it will turn on. Make sure to try this while it is turned on and off, because if you do it in the wrong spot it could create a short circuit which will bypass the switch, which will mean the LEDs will always be on.

Solder 10 LEDs in parallel with each other, they will run off the same power supply as the tap light.
I got my LEDs from flashlights, because I had several and they were cheap. However, soldering wire to the tiny leads on the LEDs was a pain so you may wish to take that into consideration.

Place an LED in each of the holes. Use hot glue(glue gun) to keep them in place.

Cut the water bottle at the bottom. Cut out a hole in the middle of the bottom which you just cut out. My soldering gun has a cutting piece meant for acrylic tiles, so I used that to cut out the hole. To cut of the bottom I just used a saw, but be careful not to crack the bottle.

Cut 10 piece of wire. Strip them. Wrap them evenly around the plastic ring. Use glue on the back on the to keep them in place if need be.

Drill holes all around the edge of the mason jar lid. Cut a hole in the middle of the mason jar lid. Spray paint it silver.

Glue the tap light lens and reflective piece to the hole in the center of the pipe cover. Glue the tap filter onto the front of the plastic lens.

Glue the mason jar cap around the tap light lens, on the pipe cover.

Glue the wire-wrapped water bottle bottom, over the LEDs, onto the pipe cover.

Place the whole thing inside the jar lid and you are done.
The arc reactor needs to be able to move freely inside the jar lid in order to press the tap light switch.

In order to wear the arc reactor I decided to wear two under shirts(wife beaters). The bottom one had a lower neck than the top one. So I glued two hooks onto the back of the jar lid and it would simply hook onto the neck of the bottom under shirt. The top shirt would hold the arc reactor inside the jar lid.
Can this arm and arc reactor fire and pop balloons
<p>What tap filter did you use?</p>
<p>awesome job!</p>
I did not the arc reactor yet
<p>Do you have the plans/patterns for the hand? you really only have it for the arm</p>
I've been using that website to build the glove but there is no Indymogul .com anymore for some reason. Do you have any tips to build the paper craft?(i've already built the fingers)
Looks Awesome, Nice Work!
Thanks. There are more impressive ones on this site, but I tried to make it somewhat easy to make and still look decent.

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