Step 2: Repulsor Arm

If your glove is already red, then perfect. Otherwise paint it red. I suppose a fabric paint or dye would work best, but I just spray painted it. Most of the glove will be covered anyways. I did it to my left hand because I am right handed and wanted to still be able to do things. The glove really limits the use of your hand.

Cut a hole in the palm big enough for the tap light LEDs to fit through. Glue the reflective piece and the lens onto the palm. Tape the tap light circuit into the inside of the palm.

For the "paper craft" part, I followed this video(infact the whole idea for the glove I got from this, I did not come up with it myself):

However, I did not to the entire arm, I just did the glove part. I hid the battery housing inside the "wrist guard" on the back of the hand.

Although it was not intentional, my glove ended up allowing my to activate the tap light just by straightening my hand, this may have been a fluke though but at the very least you should be able to press it with your fingers.

For the forearm I went with a metal frame with wiring.

First bend two rings from the metal rebar. One to fit around your wrist, and one around your upper forearm. make sure the write ring is big enough to fit your hand through since this part is meant to slide onto your arm.

Then cut a piece of rebar the length of your forearm.

I used metalwork solder to attack this piece of rebar to the two rings, however a strong glue could work as well.

Wrap wire up and down the forearm piece. This wire is aesthetic only. Put as much wire as you want until you think it looks good enough.

Now attach the towing cable to the inside of the arm piece. It is meant to go from the wrist to the chest. It is intended to imitate the cable bringing power from the arc reactor to the glove. Of course it is aesthetic only, it carries no power.
Can this arm and arc reactor fire and pop balloons
<p>What tap filter did you use?</p>
<p>awesome job!</p>
I did not the arc reactor yet
<p>Do you have the plans/patterns for the hand? you really only have it for the arm</p>
I've been using that website to build the glove but there is no Indymogul .com anymore for some reason. Do you have any tips to build the paper craft?(i've already built the fingers)
Looks Awesome, Nice Work!
Thanks. There are more impressive ones on this site, but I tried to make it somewhat easy to make and still look decent.

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