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Im going to be iron man for halloween and this is my arc reactor and bucket helmet. Its nothing too complicated.


commanderzhao (author)2011-01-18

how did you punch the holes?

komodoboyx5 (author)2010-10-14

how many volts does the arc reactor juice out? can you charge a phone with it? lol

jgderuvo (author)2010-05-23

BE nice if you posted a tutorial.

tjd1996 (author)2010-05-23

they both need alot of work

noobiefied (author)2010-05-21

 THAT BUCKET HELMET! Omfg its the most creative thing ive ver seen! I laughed so long xD! but seriously thats some good imagination at work!

zach willis (author)2010-04-28

dude awsome arc reactor i give that a 10 but i give the mask a 3

jonnybeats (author)2009-08-18

Pure genious!

ring wraith159 (author)2009-05-30

nice ark but the helm needs more work lol but really good

maxwellsmart23 (author)2009-04-21

WOW I love the bucket helmet!!!! lol

mohib52 (author)2009-01-03

hi everyone i am iron man i wish i was i could fly then

mohib52 (author)2009-01-03

i think thats just wierd making a reactor if i wanted one i would buy a real one like yours

super-random (author)2008-10-29

its good but being a hard core iron man fav I can't say its is a perfect copy to the comic book or the film version please understand that it is cool looking and all but is not to my (ungodly high) stander

mkamchin (author)super-random2008-10-29

I know it didn't really look like it, but those were the materials i had available.

crapflinger (author)2008-10-29

hehe i like how you spent the time making an arc reactor (though simple)...and just painted a bucket for the helmet hehe

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