Iron Man Arc Reactor





Introduction: Iron Man Arc Reactor

Here I will show you how to make an awesome Iron Man arc reactor prop.

You'll Need:

-7 White LEDs
-4 Resistors
-White candle wax
-Two Speakers
-A motor from a VCR player
-A small piece of window screen
-9v Battery


-Soldering gun
-Something to melt the wax in
-Scissors (to cut the screen)

Step 1: The Base

Take your motor apart and drill seven holes in the bottom big enough to fit the LEDs in

Step 2: The Speakers

You'll only need this part of the speakers, Then insert you speaker frames into the half of the motor. After that, melt some wax and pour it into the gaps.

Step 3: Inserting the Screen

This is what you should have by now.  You can now glue the screen piece on the top of the first frame.

Step 4: The LEDs

Now place a LED in every hole and solder together ( I used two LEDs per Resistor)

Step 5: Finsished Pictures

Here's in the light. And the picture in the dark is actually a lot brighter but i had to make it darker so you could see it (It was really Blury)


Ask for any questions



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    Neat idea!
    I took most of your design for my Steampunk Arc Reactor
    (used my phone's cam. Bad pic)


    Yea, good job! I don't quite understand how the LEDs are wired - can you add a circuit diagram? L

    18 replies

    Ok this the the best i can do, I don't have the Paint skills, so i think its in a series circuit.


    Is this schematic right? What resistors did you use (Ohm or colours)? L


    i think they are 130 Ohm (the color code is yellow purple black Brown)

    Yellow - purple - black is 47 Ohm - too low. Even 130 (brown - orange - brown) is a bit low, you might want to up these a bit? L

    ok the guy at radio shack said that they were the right ones

    Oh well, expert advice there. The fact that he made a sale wouldn't bias your judgment at all? If they are 47 Ohm the max limit on current you'll have is ~200mA (much too much). The LEDs will bring that down, but I'm not convinced these will last as long as they should. L

    lol they didnt, for some reson it stopped working

    Well, you can pick that apart. I doubted they would last, see if anything I said previously seems relevant now.


    oh they work really well

    They will, for now. But I think they might die prematurely. L

    220 ohm is a good resistor for running LEDs off of a 9V battery. I've got an LED flashlight that uses a 9V lithium battery pack and so far it has yet to quit (after 2 years).

    That'll be running at 20 - 40mA? so sounds right. I'm not too sure about what we've got in this one (you know it's right if it lasts 2 years, 2 weeks and maybe not). L

    If your LEDs run at 3.5 volts and 20 mA, then wire two of them in series and put a 100 ohm reistor to the series. I've found this wizard to be helpful in designing an array.

    Yes I think I have that bookmarked, it answers many questions. L

    I like his better. lol

    yes me too...

    i just wired them two LEDs per resistor randomly, I'll try making one