Introduction: Iron Man Armor for My Little Brother

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Step 1: Materials

A lot of cardboard,some Eva foam,red&gold; spray paint,foam core,hot glue gun and sticks

Step 2: The Helmet

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This is where I used the Eva foam,I used the foam for the face plate and the rest cardboard. I made templates of the helmet and then cut them out and glued them together

Step 3: Arms and Legs

Picture of Arms and Legs

For the arms and the legs I used cereal box cardboard. I first measured his arms and legs and then cut the pieces a little longer then they needed to be to I could overlap them together with the hot glue.and for the arms and legs cut half a circle for where the arms and legs bend and u can attach shoulder armor on the arms.For the boots I took one of my little brothers shoes and traced it on cardboard and then cut out some cardboard pieces that looked like the iron man boots

Step 4: Body and Belly

Picture of Body and Belly

For the bely guard it's just one strip of cardboard going around his bely to his back with some velcro. For the chest I made a strip of cardboard go around his lower chest and then shoulder straps and then add a square to the front and back and then cut half of the chest and add velcro.

Step 5: The Final Product

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The last thing to do is paint then u are all done.


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