For those of us who do not have a Stark-load of money or time, I've designed the poor man's Iron Man Costume. I know I promised this a long time ago but I do have other priorities. I never expected this costume to create such a fuss and was going to create a simple album online of my progress. Instead, I've made you an instructable of the most badass costume I'll ever wear.

My friend decided to be Capitan America for Halloween but didn't want to look stupid an nerdy....so he decided that we should all look stupid and nerdy and delegated Avenger characters for each of the crew. I got stuck with Iron Man and though I should at least take a shot at it. What you are about to see is how I spent my reading week (coincidentally the las week of October) building Iron Man Mark 6.

Any questions or comments are greatly appreciated.

Step 1: Materials and Design

First off, my goal was to spend as little as possible. If you really wanna go cheap, MAKE YOUR OWN MASK! That bugger cost me a pretty penny and I ended up modifying it anyways. Dollarama and Goodwill were a godsend and people who buy cardboard are plain stupid.

Velcro ($2)
25 Glue Sticks ($3)
Shirt ($1)
Shorts ($2)
Bristol Board ($5)
Paint ($16)

Shoulder Pads
Multitude of Snaps
Rubber Glove
Kitchen Light
Old Shoes
Hockey tape
Old Dish cloth

Mask and Gloves ($42)

I really had no idea where to start so I took a picture of the movie suit and divided it up into workable sections (See the photos). I've attached a bunch of rough sketches I made ahead of time to use as a rough guide. I ended up using the general idea from the sketches but the building of the leg and arm pieces became more guess work than anything. It's hard to tell exactly how the parts will fit until you try them.
UPDATE: A brand new glove has been completed as well as new modifications. My own Mark II upgrade of the original. Stay Tuned!
I'm with craft smith. I'm thinking you're the only one who put the effort in, and I am also bringing it on. Bu awesome job.
liking your costume, looks like you were the only avengers member in your crew who put in the extra effort........no offence to the others, its just an observation of what they are wearing. <br />im currently working on one........so i guess im bringing it on, lol. <br />great stuff though i give you 8 and a half out of 10 for creating this without using pepakura or an absolute fortune.
Hm, if Fe is the periodic symbol for iron, doesn't that make Ironman FeMale?
Haha, but by your logic, he'd be Feman. Not as much fun.
That's really cool - well done!

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