Gesture Technique for All Pc





Introduction: Gesture Technique for All Pc

This Technique is very cool & user friendly you can convert any normal PC into gesture sensing PC, the main point is that on any type of computerwe can use this technique for e.g Windows xp, Window vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & all latest

by the help of this technique u can control your PC at the distance of 25ft. but to increase its more distance follow the instruction given bellow

to see it working watch this video

OK, now shall we start making this



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    Where is the tutorial bro?

    You can search on YouTube my videos by my name or search Gesture pc1

    I found your video, but it was just a demonstration, not a tutorial. Need a tutorial on it ASAP.

    Bro it's tutorial is removed because of of some issues but as soon as possible it will be updated

    Please upload it ASAP, I dont get much time..

    its too good it is relly working

    its too good it is relly working

    its good buddy my vote is to you

    This looks impressive, but I'm not sure how it relates to Iron Man. Can you elaborate on that aspect?