Iron Man Hand Repulsor


Introduction: Iron Man Hand Repulsor

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Hi guys, its my 6th instructable. And I am going to show you how to make a Iron man Hand repulsor!!!

This is not a fake Instructable.

Step 1: Watch the Video.

Guys before you start this project it is very important for you to watch the video. If there is any problem with the video please comment below.

Step 2: Materials Required.

It is a very easy and simple instructable , it took me just an hour to finish it from beginning till end.

It requires just a few materials and you dont need any tools too!


3 strong LEDS / I used 3 flash lights insted.

1 9v battery.

2 watch straps.

few 4 inches wires.

some cardboard for the base.

one push switch.

one normal switch.

1 10k resister .

1 thin metal rod / you can also use a small scale of 5 inches too.

Your brains.

Step 3: Assembly.

You can can ask me for any doubts and FAQs any time

Don't be shy to comment below.

For assembly and other needs you can ask me any time on instagram :- Aakash Mansukhani (thermo nuclear boy)

You have to request me, coz its a private account. Don't be shy to ask, I am online all the time.

Step 4: Thank You.

- Aakash Mansukhani.



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    Well I took them out of an old broken torch, but you can get them from any hardware shop. Just ask for white LED or White diodes.