Picture of Iron Man Helmet
Ok basically i wanted to make an iron man helmet similar to the one from the new movie! so thats what i did, i tried to take as many pictures along the way as i could showing the details and the changes that i made, as i went through trial and error to get the shape and size right. i've used light weight air drying clay and car spray paints thats about it i think?

Step 1: Equipment

Picture of Equipment
OK these are the things you will need:

EberhardFaber light weight air drying clay
Plaskti-kote super enamel 686 gold
Ford Jupiter red metalic spray paint
Clear lacquer
Craft knife
sand paper
wet and dry paper
A pair of old sunglasses
4 bright white LEDs (sold in car shops)
12v Battery
WilmerD2 months ago

how old are you 7

heckup3 months ago
i mad the suit and helmet and glove and arc reactor

what do i ned to make one

how do i make a rill iron man soot that acutely has lazers and can fly

Cool Version of the helmet


Cool Version of the helmet


Cool Version of the helmet


Subdood7 months ago

What version is this suit's helmet? 6?

tehraaage2 years ago
How long did this take you to make? I'm thinking of making one for a friend and have a limited time frame.
NAJDUDE2 years ago
how to hollow out the inside?
How much clay Was required,and how did you get it off the mould may I ask,looks great
How much clay Was required,and how did you get it off the mould may I ask,looks great
lstcause2 years ago
This helped me ALOT so thank you.

Love it!!!!!!
Love the anonymous mask as well!
surely I will make this, very nice article.
I also found another tutorial on Making Ironman helmet here.
Gonna use this method for my Red Hood cosplay, thanks uploading this.
ssingh832 years ago
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pacentum2 years ago
cool story bro. I actually mean that because it looks amazing.
make a dark knight joker clown mask. like the picture. PLZZZZZZZ.

p.s. remember to show os how you did it ;D
clown mask.jpg2698923908_18417331ab.jpg
como consigo las plantillas para el casco entre en pepakura pero ya no esta el archivo del casco ........................alguien me puede ayudar.gracias
dmcawesome3 years ago
go to youtube search 3d iron man helmet draw the face cut out ONLY HALF fold in half then cut out rest and you get a desent templet
dmcawesome3 years ago
can you make the cast of your head with paper mache like newspaper and school glue
ehhdean3 years ago
I am going as Tony Stark for Halloween this year. I may add a mask.
Sunny1246135 years ago
You, sir, have a great talent.

(the iron man suit is great)
if you are talking to Pheadjack, thanks man. I had a blast doing it. lot of sweat and sore hands, but it was worth it.
King Crab5 years ago
I'm loving that green goblin mask. I really want to make one but I have no artistic skills whatsoever.
I agree with 32033. just do it. even if the mask turns out horrible, you will learn things from the attempt and the next one will be better. I started playing with latex masks, ears, scars, neck bolts, and other things a long time ago.
The first things I made were so ugly, they were not even close to what I had in my head. But ! I tried again. I played with clay and got better at sculpting the basic shapes I wanted; then I learned to add details and it just takes adding that little step of skill over and over and over. Soon you will find yourself cranking out a finish product that looks good and not even remember how you got there. Ya gotta build the body memory of the actions and then the mind can wander in the imagination.
92033 King Crab5 years ago
"I have no artistic skills whatsoever"?

See my earlier post above...

"Whatever The Mind Can Conceive, And BELIEVE, The Mind Can Achieve".

YOU 'can' do it. If you don't attempt it you will never know for sure and regret it later. Life is too short...make it happen.

hjfoster734 years ago
Just curious, is that cardboard you're using to build the leg in the picture above? If so, what do you plan to cover the cardboard with and what type of cardboard is it? Awesome job, by the way!!
If you are talking about the Pheadjack suit, these are all thin steel sheets, cut and riveted together. The whole thing weighs like 40 lbs and is a bear to get into. The main thing I didn't really take into account other that the time it takes to work metal sheets is the sharp edges. Had to roll all edges of each piece and still some are pointy.

It was a labor of childhood dreams though.
agayon4 years ago
Will you post a suit instructble? Great job with the Helmet
scotty035 years ago
do you have to put a material over the plaster base to stop the clay sticking to it? surely the clay would join with the plasticine?
92033 scotty035 years ago
You can rub a light coating of oil or vaseline over the form with yout fingers, which will prevent sticking and easily removing when it's drying or dry.
scotty03 920335 years ago

Is it best to try and carve out rough details such as the eyes before it dries?
92033 scotty035 years ago
Yes. You could also do it afterward but easier cutting while the mask is still reasonably soft...while in the 'setting up' stage. Using good quality Papier Mache can make it hard like a football helmet when it's completed.  By giving the project a final spray of two or three coatings of Clear Lacquer or Varnish, it will be waterproof.

If anyone questions stability and strength of Papier Mache...all I can say is that Movie Studios use it all the time. Life size horses made over armatures of wood and chicken wire have been made...saddle put on it and actors posing on it like a live horse. I once saw a used auto dealer that had a lifesize horse made and displayed out in front of his lot to draw attention from passing motorists...the horse was in a front legs up raised position...out in the elements of weather all year round. Yup...it's durable.

Taxidermists use it every day in their shops. I have a head I made once for a Ventriloquist figure ('dummy' as most folks call them)...which I made over a clay sculptured head I made (I am NOT a Sculptor by any means...just shaped it almost human life size by just just shaping it)...using a full 5-lb box of Modeling Clay.

Once it dried, I coated the clay with motor oil and applied the Papier Mache...let it dry for a week...cut it in half carefully with a sharp knife and removed it. The tip of one ear broke off  the dried clay model as I was removing it but I just glued it back onto the head...still looks same as when I made it...some SIXTY YEARS ago. :-) Howzatt for durability?

The layers of saturated Paper are built up to the thickness you want.
I once made a large artificial rock for a model to sit on when posing for photos. They are LIGHT in weight and Stronger'n heck.

Good luck with your project(s).

~ ED

PS...I'm thinking of creating a ible on how to make and use the Papier Mache as professionals use it.
Yes, definately please do an ible on Professional papier mache. Its the easiest cheapest thing to make but I've know idea how to get top quality results.
everything i've ever made from papier mache still looks like it was made from papier mache!
Please do. I would love to learn. I think many on istructables would too.
ironman224 years ago
nice work man i am just working on that mask and i gotta tell you it is not so easy it looks
I live in jakarta andi dont know where to buy clear laquer OR lightweight air drying clay. would you know any place where i can buy it?? if not could you tell me what would be the best possibe replacement??
nefla244 years ago
@ pheadjack. Great body work .... Eventually we'll have a working iron man suit haha!!! ...
Thank you sir,

Here are updated photos of the 'finished' product. I ran close on time and the legs did not work out as well as I liked, but the whole thing was pretty good. A real pain to put on and take off, but such is the sacrifice to pay homage to shellhead.
hifatpeople4 years ago
make a metal suit, once youve done that, paint it, then add lighting wherever it goes.
It's not THAT easy...
Seleziona4 years ago
Where do you think you could buy the clay in Canada?
You can buy it at Curry's art supply. As well they carry it at Michaels.
pheadjack4 years ago
I'm working up a suit as well. The instructables I have found here have been really great ! I appreciate all the help. Here are some images of what I have so far.
I got really silly and decided to make it from metal & rivets. This is about 6 months work off and on. I don't know what I was thinking, but it has been fun too.
IMG_1289.JPGIMG_1282.JPGIMG_1290.JPG06-20-2010 Backbone-int.JPG
viam5 years ago
 what if i used sculpey instead? would it be the same thing?
sculpey is a polymer clay, which you have to bake after molding. It leaves a nasty chemical smell that takes a long time to fade, don't think you'd want that on your face :(. Once it bakes, it's basically like plastic. And you'd have to figure out how to adhere it to the plaster, unless you'd bake it directly on it.
azerool5 years ago
Iam from Malaysia... may i know where usually can get this Ebenhard Faber, actually what is this....
You may get it from any art shop near Petaling Street (KL), MIA near Wangsa Maju (KL), One Utama Shopping Complex (PJ), Ikano (PJ), in Malaysia, most of the people recognize it as "Paper Clay", normally imported from Japan/Korea. around RM7 - RM 10 per pack, can't remember how big it was. Good luck.
munkeeboy6 years ago
I absolutely love it. So once the clay dries, it stops shrinking right? That's the only thing that worried me, was spending 60 sum dollars only to end up wihta mask that won't fit anymore. I'm thinking of making a Mushroomhead mask, or a chris taylor mask. Maybe one of the masks from the Army of Two video game.
92033 munkeeboy5 years ago
I doubt anyone is following this link after almost two years from your asking the questions...I'll answer it anyway for future 'artistes' to ponder.

The Mask could have been made for less than $5.00 US, as well as boots...easy when you know how, and it's not done with using expensive hard shrinking cracking clay.

"How?", you ask?

"Elementary my Dear Watson...Elementary".

~ Sherlock
nenaptio 920335 years ago
yes how actually when i think about it "elementary" hmmm I GOT IT!! paper mache isn't it?
92033 nenaptio5 years ago
BIBG-BING-BING-BING...You just won the Grand Prize for having the correct answer.

The Prize?...

You're Reading it. :-)  (Your Increased Knowledge.. Take care.
~ ED
niki_miki55 years ago
i appreciate you you did your best
Geoff 1175 years ago
I love your helmet. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole suit. I had one question, though. I've seen some helmets with motors that open and close the front part and I was wondering if you could make an 'ible on that?
 I know this is an old thread, but I have a few quick questions, as I'd like to do something similar.
The clay that you mentioned only comes in 250g packs, which seems very little for a project this big. However, their non-lightweight clay comes in larger packs. 
- Is the lightweight aspect very important; ie would the helmet be unbearably heavy in ordinary air-drying clay?
- (Roughly) How much clay would you think is needed? It would be nice to know for cost and preparation reasons.

Thanks, and great build.  
you should try making a mask from army of two. that would be badass
that would be badass
Howse come nobuddy sez: "Goodass"?  Hmmm.
Awsome Instructable, great design. =p
Right, cha-R, Jimmy.
giffordry5 years ago
how well can you see out of the mask with the LED's on? 
jase785 years ago
well done on the mask fella, you think you could use this same technique to make a suit too???? .

well done again, im defo gonna give it a go, thanks for the indepth tutorial.. also, would using a clear varnish or anything to make it look shiny work on it?
92033 jase785 years ago
Use either Clear Varnish or Clear Lacquer...they both work equally well.
insomniaSAH6 years ago
This looks great - all of them. Especially with the iron man one though, you pulled off smooth lines that look almost machined just by hand. Kudos. I assume you're using fiberglass for the armor? A bit heavier perhaps but not so prone to chipping and cracking as clay might be when you're moving around...? Thought it comes down to taste, and what you're wearing the armor for - halloween sure, a crowded convention ech xD
See my posts above for Papier Mache...it's STRONG, light and lasts.
You can still get a smooth surface with it by light sanding before sealing with clear lacquer followed by your final desired color schemes.
how durable is the finale product its not something thats going to crumble away is it?
See my posts above about Papier Mache...they are VERY DURABLE...STRONG. We use it in Taxidermy work for modeling forms, etc...it LASTS.
Kaiven5 years ago
Where do I get a styrofoam head? I will have to keep an eye out for them...
92033 Kaiven5 years ago
Go to one of your local shope that caters to women. They use them for displaying wigs/hair pieces, jewelry, etc. You can get a plain foam head or one with facial features and color like a real face...they can sell or get you one...already have them in stock from their sources of supply.
theex5 years ago
Personally I'd like to see a fiberglass tutorial, or perhaps a polycarb version?  Either way something tougher than the clay.  Awesome tutorial though, Having basically no experience in this kind of thing it was pretty easy to follow and execute.
92033 theex5 years ago
You couls use Papier Mache...smooth it with light sanding and applying several coats of Lacquer. You'd be amazed at how strong it is when finished...and not toxic like the two other processes you mentioned.

Create an idea of your own and make a Shield of some type or design you prefer...even with 3-D ornamentations, artificial jewel gems embedded, bracelets, etc...and a Crown for your favorite Lady or character...just use your God-given imagination. 
Bher26626 years ago
hey man i absolutly love the helmet! a quick question though. I need some clarification on a few things. What do you mean by wet and dry paper? Is it a certian type of material you have to buy in a craft store? or is it literally like printer paper that is wet/dry? And what is the Clear lacquer? is that to add a sort of shiny gloss to the finished product?
92033 Bher26625 years ago
"Clear Lacquer" is like colored lacquer without the 'color'...like water...add a dye to it and it's tinted in color.

It's available in spray or regular cans for use with brush, roller, sprayer or airbrushing as well.

Glossy or Matte finish available.

You're correct...usually applied coat of Glosst Clear to give it glazed ceramic or metallic type final finish.
wet and dry is a fine grit sand paper that you can use when wet and dry
tm19875 years ago
The only thing I would do differently on my helmet when i build it is the paint. At the local auto part stores they have this "chrome" paint and it comes in red gold silver blue etc, I think that paint would make it look more like metal. I love your helmet dude! I wish I was that talented. I could never make my lines and details that straight on the side of the helmet.
92033 tm19875 years ago
If you "think you can"...you can.
If you "think you can't"...you can't...
SUBCONSCIOUS MIND at work within you.

"Whatever The Mind Can Conceive, And BELIEVE, The Mind Can Achieve"

The optimum word is "BELIEVE"...
The Law Of Nature at work within you.
Bergmann275 years ago
Man that thing is freaking Amazing!!! would love to see the whole suit
spazo5 years ago
if the light is at the side then won't your eyes be pain?
zinnatty spazo5 years ago
lol i think the same thing. you'll need an extra pair of sunglasses
Rikudara5 years ago
could anyone give me  the name of a site where  i could find the templates of  the details
He did this by hand, probably from the movie itself in frame capture mode.
I would've used IR LEDs in the eyes, as well-messes with people's heads when your eyes aren't lit up to them but they are to the camera!
Vivee5 years ago
How did you get your mask that smooth?  O_O
And is the clay heavy at all?  Nice work, btw.
...i bet you make kickass jack-o-lanterns. :D
yosamwise5 years ago
Excellent work! this looks quite professional compared to some of the ibles' I've seen on here. You should post photos of your other creations on here as well, or at least provide a link to somewhere else that people could view them on.
ploofpixie5 years ago
That is easily the best IRON MAN helmet on instructables!!
Arbitror5 years ago
Whoa, the clay mask looks way better than most of the others on 'ibles! Great job on this!
Rikudara5 years ago
looking 4wrd 2 see the whole suit
 can you wear it without it shrinking

Clayton H.5 years ago
You should totally make an Instructable for the Guy Fawkes mask.
Pyro19925 years ago
Ihave planes to make mine look like a skull
ronchi845 years ago
after a little bit of research, I have found a recipe for some home made clay which would probably help since I am in the middle of nowhere and don't have access to hobby or craft stores   here is the link


hope this helps people like me out, haven't tried to make any yet but will in the next few days though, some of the different recipes say that it is sandable when dry so who knows.
batboy8015 years ago
are you going to make an armor tutorial ?
kdj995 years ago
hey, when you detail the leg/boot for the suit, could you post a pic of it? im thinking about making my own ironman suit,and i need a picture of the way it is designed!! thanks ;)ttyl
chopstx5 years ago

How long did this take you?
JerBear5 years ago
Do you know if that air dry clay would melt or dissolve if I poured some hot melt molding compound on it to make a negative mold? I was thinking of fiberglassing a mask. The temperature of the molding compound would be 130 F.
punky8595 years ago
you should use pepakura.....its cheaper and faster
azerool5 years ago
just want to get it rite... the head u using wet and dry paper... the it cover wit white cement to make the helmet?
ktalex5 years ago
v for vendetta mask is sick!!
h3llo415 years ago
awesome! im trying to make a mask from the game Army of Two, how fragile is mask?
kidposeidon5 years ago
hey, how much clay did u end up using on the mask?
stidi236 years ago
So when are we going to see a Dark Knight mask?
GamerGear6 years ago
so I have a question, did you cut slits at the bottom of the lenses so you can see? I'm building a COG gears of war helmet and wanted to know if that technique would work
No, he used sun glasses so you could see out of them to begin with, no slits necessary.
desel36 years ago
please please please please please please show us how to make the "V" mask
Sir Crapton6 years ago
This looks like a Necron head... But otherwise this is a great 'ible! Good job!
Nate956 years ago
Just out of curiosity, is the helmet very heavy? I know that it is "light-weight" clay but i was just wondering.
irontom536 years ago
hey dude will you be putting the rest of the suit on the site would be great working on one my self ,could i get an opinion from you if i sent you some pics by email
pmaggot (author)  irontom536 years ago
Hey yeah you can send me some pics of your work! i'm currently tryin to find a cheaper and easier way to make the suit but when i do i will post it here!!
hey dude sorry but my mum decided to tidy up my room but i can tell you i double layerd card board which i got from my village shop for free and the parts that go inwards i cut out with a stanley knife pretty basic i know but all i can do with what ive got check out my new x men instructable on gambits pole on instructables now
pmaggot (author) 6 years ago
GEEK16 years ago
very cool and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thesims!!!6 years ago
CAN YOU SEE W/ THE LEDs ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shogun6 years ago
SWEET !!!!!!!!!!!!! Just one thing .... is that thing heavy or light?
probally light because the clay is light weight
thesims!!!6 years ago
looks really great man but when the LEDs are on, can you see anything
11rex116 years ago
for the goblin mask you could use some old yellow sunglasses
11rex116 years ago
hey where could i buy some of that clay oh... say in Washington not Washington DC
pmaggot (author) 6 years ago
thepelton6 years ago
Red car paint would be what I would have used. I remember at one point in the movie that Tony Stark said that the red was paint leftover from finishing a car.
pmaggot (author) 6 years ago
rav3nsban36 years ago
Impressive. You should consider making this into a business; I'd be willing to pay upwards of fifty bucks for one of those. Just out of curiosity, how fragile are these?
pmaggot (author)  rav3nsban36 years ago
they are quite tough, but the fibre glass copies i am making are obviously alot harder!! and will having padded inside!?! keep checking back over the next few days and i'll be adding a link in the comments to the item on ebay!!
bertj6 years ago
is that clay strong? or is it rather fragile? Great work by the way!! I was thinking of making it myself and saw this, now i even want to make it more!!! xD but I'm not that talented, so ... I'll leave it with admiring your work ;) grtz
pmaggot (author)  bertj6 years ago
the clay is surprisingly strong! i wouldn't trust it with paint balling but it can be knocked about abit with any damage!! i'm making casts out of fibre glass though so they will be a little tougher!!! anyways i'll be posting it on ebay soon!?!
pmaggot (author) 6 years ago
hey just wanted to let people know that i will be selling a fibre glass copy of this helmet on ebay sometime next week, just wanted to know how much interest there is in buying it? also how much people would would expect to be paying, for a non light up version and a light up one too? private message me with your thoughts, thanks again for all your support! pmaggot
ZomBen6 years ago
Awesome work man. Just curious if you will be posting the Instructables for the rest of the suit when your done? I want to make a full costume that don't look cheap or homemade and your helmet looks great.
pmaggot (author)  ZomBen6 years ago
i'm not currently making the suit because i couldn't find a way to make it cheaply and i don't have any money at the moment!?!
cupid6 years ago
hello i realized how detailed you were able to get with the helmet.how much would charge to make me one of those awsome creations
pmaggot (author)  cupid6 years ago
i will be putting a copy on ebay sometime next week! how much would you be looking to pay?
nick neo6 years ago
can you tell me how much weight after it completed, and how much cost need. TQ
An21E6 years ago
Hey i wanna make a helmet like yours except with Styrofoam instead of plaster, is that possible?
tyrion1336 years ago
Great manual, got a question though. Are you making a manual for the suit?
hey courtney if u get on again plz tell me witch stores 'one can simply take a shortcut' and buy one. i would like to know. -Tony
logan74k6 years ago
An interesting juxtaposition of professional techniques and less than stellar execution. Kudos for making the instructable however include the correct way of fabricating this kind of mask. From a distance this looks pretty nice. If you had spent some more time on symmetry and final smoothing, you could have a screen-worthy piece here. Great job on the tutorial itself!
you have some serious sculpting skills. Especially if you're using children's modeling clay
thats some amazing stuff especially because you didnt use a template. Nice Job.
shogun6 years ago
cool but im wondering were do u get that eberhardfaber?
Legend576 years ago
where do you find the modeling clay?
shogun Legend576 years ago
you can get it at michels
pmaggot (author)  Legend576 years ago
i got the clay from HobbyCraft i guess you could find it on ebay though?
mu0p6 years ago
WOW amazing instructable. Thank you so much for this... Where did you learn all this?
shogun mu0p6 years ago
looks like he made it up mu0p
pmaggot (author)  mu0p6 years ago
self taught,just decided to start one day!!
jdmike136 years ago
damn im gonnna try to make the army of two face mask
For the Army of Two mask contact me solowingzero@gmail.com. It cost me around 20 bucks to make. I don't have pics online yet but I believe it came out okay.
pmaggot (author) 6 years ago
MaggotCreations.comi now have my own website that i'm adding things to first then editing them to put here on instructables!
DanDMan1116 years ago
When are you puttin' the rest of the suit on??? I've been waiting as pacient as possable... but i can't much longer. :(
dcr8tor6 years ago
is it possible to make clone troopers' helmet with these steps?
pmaggot (author)  dcr8tor6 years ago
yeah i guess you could make any type of helmet using the same technique, i'm making a batman helmet in the same way, so yeah i think anything is possible!?!
Legend576 years ago
how'd you make the foot
pmaggot (author)  Legend576 years ago
i made the foot using the air drying clay but it cost me like £20 to make one foot so i'm trying to think of a way to make it cheaper.
Legend576 years ago
how are you going to make the torso and arms
pmaggot (author)  Legend576 years ago
not sure yet i'm thinking of making them similar to the way i'm making the batman suit.
Are you done with the suit yet?
pmaggot (author)  fighterpilot16 years ago
i have stopped making the suit for now cause it was going to cost too much and i started making the batman suit! but i will start making it again soon.
bullet717926 years ago
how do you measure the size of your head to know how big to make the mask?
pmaggot (author)  bullet717926 years ago
I used a cast of my head to get the right size!
THAT IS AWESOME!! you made a V/Anonymous mask you can do all sorts of awesome stuff with that
Brother_D6 years ago
So can you see through this whenever the light is on?
well of course you can see through light, duh.
Maybe not when it's right in your eyes.
That's what I was thinking.
yes... i would think so but probably not very well...
elitecus6 years ago
I'm starting from scratch I'm going to build my own costume so starting with the helmet which is impressive by the way, starting with the helmet from scratch where do I go for the materials and what all do I need to get, word for word? U can e-mail me at "elitecus@hotmail.com"
You can read the supplies list, isn't that what that's for? Sheesh.
That's pretty damn cool
KelvinAlf6 years ago
so freaking great:D I wanna make one for Halloween and wear it to school that day:]. How long did it take to make? and How much were the materials in total? thanks if you answer
JerBear6 years ago
V fo' Vendetta ftw!
cooldog6 years ago
if anyone wants a cheat way to make the rest of the suit check here

awesome again
Awesome! I think I might wear this for Halloween!
Wow! Nice job dude! The suit looks really good so far! Would love to see a finished product!
StingrayX6 years ago
so can you wear this mask? because i'm thinking of making an iron man mask for halloween
lobo_pal6 years ago
An easier way for the eyes is to cut out a piece of paper that size, and make an outline. Then just flip it over and try to match it symmetrically to the other side.
ikoda6 years ago
Finish your suit before Halloween!
pmaggot (author)  ikoda6 years ago
i won't be able to finish the suit before halloween cause i'm starting to make a batman helmet and possible suit for this halloween!!
ikoda pmaggot6 years ago
Awwe, that sucks. Good Luck with that.
I can't find the clay you used, I ended up with some air-dry clay that's REALLY heavy (10lbs for a 6"x6"x6" box). It also says that it becomes brittle when dried by air (doesn't that defeat the purpose?!) Do you have a link to somewhere I can buy that stuff you use?
pmaggot (author)  perkinsb10246 years ago
the only place i know that does it is Hobby Craft i don't know if they sell it on ebay or somewhere like that!?!
Sarah866 years ago
12 V battery with led, are you crazy man, they dont stand a chance, they'll blow up in a second if you dont put résistor on them to limit the current.
Sarah86 Sarah866 years ago
A small watch battery inside the mask will do the trick
pmaggot (author)  Sarah866 years ago
yeah they do have resistors cause they are for a car orignally! thats why the 12v battery!
That is so freakin' awesome! That's what the guy next to me said.
that is really cool i like the concept but you should include the back half as well I' d like to see a batman mask
so i am a useless i have no artistic talent would you be interested in being commissioned to make another ironman mask ? , iam sure you've been asked alot but would be really interested
-Courtney-7 years ago
One could take a shortcut and buy the Iron Man costume they sell in most stores for about $50. The sculpt is good all you need to make is the back half and add the eyes.
~INVENTOR~7 years ago
u are an awsome artist and u did a great job. the masks look great and were cheap
Hey man, you're a great artist, I think you make it look easier, but any way congratulations for your skills.
Looks awesome! But can you see out of it when the LEDs are on?
How long did it take you to make the mask? From "Getting a Base Shape" to "Spraying and Finishing it"? Like how many hours a day of in a week did it take? Because I really want to make one before the summer ends and finish it before Halloween, because that's exactly who im going to be. Thanks for the great instructions!
also how much did everything cost? just an estimate would be fine. Thanks! :D
pmaggot (author)  georgieman3937 years ago
it took me about a month to make, doing it for about 2 hours every other day, sometimes leaving it for like 3-4 days so it would dry out more. um in total mine cost clay=£40 sprays=£20 sunglasses lenses,lights and switch=£25 so in total cost about £85. but depends on where your shoppin i suppose? hope that helps?!
Hey what's up? i'm chris if you needed some help for the arc reactor i'm sure i could wipe up something and post it on hear so let me know
JD187 years ago
hey I was just wondering what is plastercine and how would I use it?
kaptaink_cg7 years ago
I'm envious of your sculpting skills! Excellent Work!
jonathanyeo7 years ago
hi there, can anyone tell me where can i get a polystyrene head? I used balloon. but is not working. The plastercine ain't stick on the baloon. Been trying a lot of times but failed. Sorry guys, I am begineer for this. I love to do all these things but just that can't get support from family. Thansk for your advice.
Balloon + paper mache? (accent on the E) could make a decent cheap one.
Look at beauty supply stores. I had to buy one for work to hold a mask. They were pretty cheap and sturdy.
Brother_D7 years ago
That suit is looking awesome. I really wanna try this one!
Dead2beg7 years ago
hi I bought about 5 pounds of the air drying clay from step dad is that enough and also how many years have you've been sculpting because I don't really have much thanks
pmaggot (author)  Dead2beg7 years ago
hi, is that 5 pounds in weight? if so that should be more than enough clay, i used about 4 and half pounds. i've been making them for about 2 and half years, started with the v for vendetta and then the green goblin one and the iron man is my latest. i'm in the process of making the costume from Hancock!
Kuhan7 years ago
hey, for the green goblin head, you may want reflective yellow sunglasses :)
GWJax7 years ago
Great detail! although I would have mde it out of fiberglass so it would not break. But then that more mold making too. hehehe cant wait to see the suit! GWJax
Sunny1246137 years ago
geez how would a person have an idea like that?
wow man what wonderful detail on the vfv mask, great instructable...
the helmet
pmaggot (author)  legokevin3607 years ago
um well it hasn't fallen apart yet and i made the green goblin one about 2 years ago and that hasn't fallen apart, so hopefully it'll be fine!?!?
Caleira16167 years ago
Will this be durable enough to wear it when I play airsoft?
pmaggot (author)  Caleira16167 years ago
not sure what Airsoft is but it should be ok, is quite strong and rigid!
Airsoft is lipaintball but with bbs instead of paint.
definatly dont use in paintball. what i would do is go buy a airsoft mask *full mask* and then use that as a base for a helmet (thats what i did)
Yeah, I agree, that would be a good Idea for playing airsoft in.
If you want a mask you can do Airsoft (or paintball, up to you) with, then I would suggest making the mask as shown in the tutorial, except don't paint it. Instead, spray the entire thing with a clear coat to make it weather-proof and then make a plaster cast of the mask so you'll have a negative mold. Pour in some type of molten HARD plastic, wait for it to set, pull it out and paint it. Then it should be fine. Or at least, that's the way that I'd do it.
If there's somewhere near you where you might be able to rent a kiln, you might have luck with fired clay... but that can be expensive.
loggerhead7 years ago
how much EberhardFaber light weight air drying clay did you use?
can you see out of the mask when the lights are on?
pmaggot (author)  stormrider7117 years ago
yeah cause the lenses are clear, i wanna try and find some that are mirrored or one way but yeah i can see fine through it as it is at the moment.
Get some Hata-Blockas, lol Stunna Shades, :/ One way Gangsta Glasses. lol
babyhulk7 years ago
Ya, I agree with nick, I want to also know more about thesuit.
How do you make a cast of your head? Can you make a cast of the mask? And most importantly, could you post an instructable on how to make the green goblin mask?
EVGNick7 years ago
Impressed! (and will be completing this mask as well) What materials are you taping together to create the leg armor that you're currently working on?
blckthng7 years ago
Any guesses on what would happen if someone accidently dropped the mask?????? lol Anyways awesome mask ive been searching for something like such for a long time now... + A fave for the guy fawkes mask.
action hero7 years ago
i like the light up eyes , can you see through them easily with the leds on
pmaggot (author)  action hero7 years ago
yeah cause the lenses are clear so you can see fine!
deadly , im doin this
Plasmana7 years ago
Wow! Great work!
F-177 years ago
are you going to post the suit?!!!!!!!
pmaggot (author)  F-177 years ago
yeah when i finish makin it, but its going to be a while cause i haven't got the money at the moment!!
F-17 pmaggot7 years ago
beause when I saw the pitcher, all's it needed was color and it was realistic to me ! 1) are you going to post the goblin and the other guy??!! 2)what about the light in the eyes?
F-17 F-177 years ago
I didn't seee at the end with the lights ,sorry
Nice Guy Fawkes mask. you should make a tutorial. I can't find them, except on ebay for like $50
MrMooKoo7 years ago
Is there any reason you made it with clay instead of paper mache or plaster bandages? I would think it would be lighter than clay and maybe even be better suited as something to wear. Although, I've never really tried clay as something to make masks with, so I can't say for sure.
pmaggot (author)  MrMooKoo7 years ago
well the light weight clay is really really light, much lighter than the plaster bandages, also wanted to make it quite solid so thats why i decided not to make it out of paper mache. its the best thing i could find to make it from cause you can sand and shape it.
hmmm i would love to make a guy fawkes mask. im gonna have to try this. you could also make a really cool masquerade mask using this technique.
also - how did you make the model of your head to base your mask on? before i make any mask that would be a neccesity
pmaggot (author)  basketballstarz7 years ago
Made a cast of my head back in school using plaster bandages and worked off that model!
that would be really cool to make a guy fawkes mask!!
A good name7 years ago
That Damn mythbusters group is doing it again, adding the things that dont have anything to do with it to get views...
mythbusters are really good, if not a little stupid at times. dont dis them...
not the real mythbusters, look in the groups section of this instructable, does iron man have anything to do with it?
oh... Is it me or is it getting hot in here???
If that was to insinuate that I'm angry/the situation is tense, no it isn't... It just sort of pisses me off...
soz to cause any agro... i didnt mean anything by it...
Yeah, I didn't either :P
himmelgeher7 years ago
wow dude. looks really good. I saw this a while ago from a hacknmod.com link. I've been waiting to see how to get the LEDs in the eyes and now I know. I'm gonna start like right away. can't wait to see the rest of the suit. do you have any pics of what it looks like with the LEDs inside the helmet?
pmaggot (author)  himmelgeher7 years ago
i'm still waiting to get the LED's but when i do i'll put a pic up!
pmaggot (author)  pmaggot7 years ago
ok i've added the LED's now so tell me what you think!?!
Awesome man. Hope mine comes out that good.
oculus18577 years ago
I thought this couldn't get any better until you showed those progress shots of the leg armor. This is great to see how you do it. I assume that is card board, masking tape, and then you add some of that air drying clay to the out side. Looking at this stuff because I want a War Machine made for myself. Shoulder guns and missile pods baby. :D Keep us posted on your progress.
Does the mask become brittle because of using the lightweight clay??
pmaggot (author)  Chunky Mulroney7 years ago
no cause they clay dries solid and not brittle at all! probably strong enough to stand on with it breaking!! not going to try it though. but it is really strong cause its not like normal clay.
pmaggot (author)  pmaggot7 years ago
i meant with it not breaking!
banjowarior7 years ago
hi, i registered today only to say i love your mask, it's just amazing, couldn't not leave a comment on something so great. if the rest of the suit is as good as the mask you should consider working for the movies ! peace
pmaggot (author)  banjowarior7 years ago
i would love to get a job working making props and costumes and stuff but have no idea where i would start!
koliporter7 years ago
Great Job, I see that you're going to make the whole suite too...if you are done how much are you willing to sell it if you really want to sell it, just wondering how much? you can email me to: kolirodgerporter@gmail.com
ill buy it for more.
pmaggot (author)  Kopolis7777 years ago
well its going to take me a while to finish the whole suit and i have no idea how much its going to cost!
koolethan97 years ago
i dont get step 2....um are you supost to take out the head and leave the helmet
pmaggot (author)  koolethan97 years ago
no i just left it on the head till it was nearly completely dry otherwise it it might crack! it took alot of trial and error to make and i got a few cracks that i later had to fill in! but as long as its left to dry out nearly completely it should be fine cause i made a second helmet after nd it came out fine.
ficofeto7 years ago
I think you can make a daft punk one.
YES. As soon as I saw the picture I thought back to wanting to make one of the daft punk helmets, but the problem I learned before was the shaping of a clear material for the visor.
if i knew how to make molds I'd make an acrylic visor.
Zorink ficofeto7 years ago
That really needs to happen
it pratty good but falls apart
pmaggot (author)  legokevin3607 years ago
what falls apart?
K.hall867 years ago
dude...your level of artistry is something that i could NEVER attain...you work is awesome!! seriously man, thanks for posting this!
Is this a durable type of clay? would the helmet be practicle to wear, or is this going to be more of a showpiece?
as long as you dont soak it in water you should be good.
pmaggot (author)  Kopolis7777 years ago
well it should be ok getting wet cause its covered in lacquer. altough i'm not going to test it.
Zorink7 years ago
Did you use pepakura (papercraft program) do design the leg, or just make it up as you go?
pmaggot (author)  Zorink7 years ago
i just made it up, looked at pictures and some of the toys as well. i've never heard of pepakura but i'll have a look at it thanks.
why were you on at 1:30?
pmaggot (author)  Kopolis7777 years ago
cause i live in england?
that would make sense then.
Zorink pmaggot7 years ago
Here are some links:
Kopolis7777 years ago
why does noone have pics?
ikoda7 years ago
Looks great. Hope you don't mess up trying to make the face plate move.
masterj7 years ago
roosta7 years ago
really nice. but how did you shape the top cut out bit and the mouth?
you do a rough cut with your craft knife, then you use sand paper to smooth it off...
pmaggot (author)  mountain island7 years ago
yeah you just cut the shape making sure not to go all the way through the clay and then remove the top layer..
ikoda7 years ago
Post preview pictures of the suit you're working on. How heavy is the mask?
pmaggot (author)  ikoda7 years ago
i've added some pictures of the legs and foot i'm working on. because of the light weight clay its extremly light which is good. i'm also thinking of making the front face plate lift off and hinge up over the top of the helmet.
masterj7 years ago
do you know how to get the shape of the head if you don't have any type of head model or anything?
pmaggot (author)  masterj7 years ago
the only thing i can suggest is a polystyrene head that you can get from craft shops,like hobbycraft, then add to it with plasticine to get the size and rough shape of your own head. there pretty cheap i think.
jackm71277 years ago
very cool! I'm excited to see the suit, when do you think it will be done?
pmaggot (author)  jackm71277 years ago
well i've started doing the legs first, i've got one foot nearly done and i've got the templates done for the legs its just getting the money to be able to afford the stuff to make it. but when i do i'll post it.
thats badass dude
wow... Im going to go make my a new face.
kimmud247 years ago
grafix9167 years ago
Nice. Thanks for this instructable. Maybe we can make a mold for this :)
Trauma7 years ago
In terms of widening the gaps, I've found that a piece of fine sand paper folder in half does a good job of widening score marks. Just run the folded edge up and down the score a couple of times. I used to use the score and wiggle technique but found that if the material is too dry it can chip.
ArtLizard7 years ago
razmataz7 years ago
This is sooo good, you are obviously very talented, unlike me! I look forward to seeing the rest of the outfit whenever you manage to finally complete it all! oh and I think your punctuation is fine :)
duck-lemon7 years ago
what kind of air dry stuff did u use?
psyoper227 years ago
you should get a job with those big movie production companies...beautiful work!
Rossiroller7 years ago
Seriously, who taught you how to use punctuation. But otherwise you are extremely talented and this is amazing!
hoonflap7 years ago
I'm not familiar with that clay. How durable is this mask?
What brand is the clay?
jstwinkles7 years ago
I think a lot of people were wondering about adding LED's for the eyes. Here's another Instructable for making a mask that actually does that. Seriously, if you added the LED's, this would rock. Also, I can't wait for the suit. :)

nerfer1927 years ago
um one word OWNAGE this thing is awesome if i had the stuff to make it i would
sonaps7 years ago
Um, how well can you see out of it? It doesn't look that efficient when it comes to sight.
pmaggot (author)  sonaps7 years ago
sight is ok! not best, you can see straight forward but lookin down you actually have to move your head but its ok i wasn't expecting to be able to see too well. it was more getting the look right that i was going for.
comodore7 years ago
GOOD JOB! That look just like in the move! You should put some white defused LEDs for the eyes! rate:***** + I added your instructable to my MYTHBUSTERS group!
I hate that... I mean, what does Iron Man Helmets have anything to do with Mythbusters
hbav2937 years ago
That is freakin awesome!!!! Looks just like the movie mask!!! Impressive sculpting!!
Tahts one word for it. In a good way...
ghostrider27 years ago
I see how you could make the rest of the suit using the same method shown here.
Rudrarup7 years ago
Wow! I will make a biking helmet using this process!
Mattrox7 years ago
THIS IS THE MEANEST MASK IT ROCKS!!!! i just wish you told us more info about making it
baconfish7 years ago
That's incredibly well done, thanks for posting it! Too bad it doesn't look like the helmet is actually wearable though.
It is wearable, he just put it on that head cast thing-o to make it.
I guess that's what I get for skimming. I even thought I saw it being worn somewhere but forgot. Thanks for correcting me, it's even cooler now! :D
Zorink7 years ago
Wow! That is amazing sculpting.
TKEdwin5827 years ago
Wow... Abso-FRiCKiN' amazing! :P But I wish there were actual instructions and a list of materials used in this project. Really good though!
coldheart7 years ago
Awsome. 10/10 this site makes me sad i could never in a million years make one of them :( my life would be better if i had one too. anyhow i salute you sir.
pmaggot (author) 7 years ago
sorry for not making it too clear how i made it i'll sort it out properly and add more details about the process. this is the first one i've done so wasn't so sure how to do it! oh and the punctuation, i do it all the time and i know its annoying and i'm trying to stop. thanks for all the positive feedback.
zincrox7 years ago
did i see a creme egg??? mmmmm.....
=SMART= zincrox7 years ago
=SMART=7 years ago
Absolutely insanely cool!!! it would still be awesome if if was just a display thing but you can actually wear this!! The colors are perfect and so is the shape! Thanks for sharing :D cant wait to see the suit!
sharkilepsy7 years ago
the pictures are a good reference, but how about a little more info about how you did everything. what kind of air-dry clay did you use?
is it really easy to sand, like foam for example, or did you use tools to aid (dremel, files, rasps, etc.) in the process. how did you make sure the helmet was symmetrical, did you eyeball it, measure, use templates?

while i'll agree, you did a good job photographing the progression of the helmet itself, the *instructable* is almost totally devoid of any actual instruction.

also, rotate the pics, that's just lazy :P

the helmet looks totally awesome though.
ongissim7 years ago
Great instructable! Maybe you should rotate some of your pictures, though.
Yes please - this is an awesome Make, but it's giving me a stiff neck!
Keith-Kid7 years ago
Sure there's some grammar issues, but these pictures say more than you could ever want! Seriously, all the punctuation marks don't make a difference, you could easily read, understand and make this, simply from those pics!
cool you should get some clear plastic and put in his eye holes and then but a blue led in there that would be so cool
Keith-Kid7 years ago
Amazing!! This is so favorited!!!
ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
this looks awesome!
Brennn107 years ago
This is absolutely awesome!
Wow! What an awesome job!
adamazing7 years ago
Awesome ible. But! perhaps!? too? much! punctuation!?!!!!! ;)