Step 10: Other Masks

here are some pictures of other masks that i made in the same way but didn't document, but used the same technique!
Gonna use this method for my Red Hood cosplay, thanks uploading this.
make a dark knight joker clown mask. like the picture. PLZZZZZZZ.

p.s. remember to show os how you did it ;D
clown mask.jpg2698923908_18417331ab.jpg
niki_miki55 years ago
i appreciate you you did your best
Bergmann275 years ago
Man that thing is freaking Amazing!!! would love to see the whole suit
batboy8015 years ago
are you going to make an armor tutorial ?
theex5 years ago
Personally I'd like to see a fiberglass tutorial, or perhaps a polycarb version?  Either way something tougher than the clay.  Awesome tutorial though, Having basically no experience in this kind of thing it was pretty easy to follow and execute.
ktalex5 years ago
v for vendetta mask is sick!!
stidi236 years ago
So when are we going to see a Dark Knight mask?
11rex116 years ago
for the goblin mask you could use some old yellow sunglasses
rav3nsban36 years ago
Impressive. You should consider making this into a business; I'd be willing to pay upwards of fifty bucks for one of those. Just out of curiosity, how fragile are these?
hey courtney if u get on again plz tell me witch stores 'one can simply take a shortcut' and buy one. i would like to know. -Tony
logan74k6 years ago
An interesting juxtaposition of professional techniques and less than stellar execution. Kudos for making the instructable however include the correct way of fabricating this kind of mask. From a distance this looks pretty nice. If you had spent some more time on symmetry and final smoothing, you could have a screen-worthy piece here. Great job on the tutorial itself!
that is really cool i like the concept but you should include the back half as well I' d like to see a batman mask
-Courtney-7 years ago
One could take a shortcut and buy the Iron Man costume they sell in most stores for about $50. The sculpt is good all you need to make is the back half and add the eyes.
Nice Guy Fawkes mask. you should make a tutorial. I can't find them, except on ebay for like $50