Step 3: Cutting Out And Taking Shape

Picture of Cutting Out And Taking Shape
After letting the clay dry for a day i decided to start cutting out the eyes using just a normal craft knife and sanding it back using some course wet and dry paper to try getting the basic shape of the helmet.

I then took the helmet off the model head and realised that i had done the eyes the wrong shape so cut them a little more and shaped it again. the eyes were probably the worse part to try and get right and symetrical but in the end i think they look ok.
you could try using a template for the eyes draw them out on a piece of paper, then cut them out, put them on the clay where you want the eyes to be and cut around them with a craft knife. this way you get them lookin symetrical.
Pyro19925 years ago
Ihave planes to make mine look like a skull
lobo_pal6 years ago
An easier way for the eyes is to cut out a piece of paper that size, and make an outline. Then just flip it over and try to match it symmetrically to the other side.
roosta7 years ago
really nice. but how did you shape the top cut out bit and the mouth?
you do a rough cut with your craft knife, then you use sand paper to smooth it off...
pmaggot (author)  mountain island7 years ago
yeah you just cut the shape making sure not to go all the way through the clay and then remove the top layer..