Here's a new tutorial on how to make a futuristic gauntlet. This is made from 22 gauge stainless steel
<p>What kind of sheetmetal did you use?</p>
22-gauge stainless steel, he sais it in his youtube video
<p>hey guys click here to find how to make/buy your very own iron man suit (the templates are available here)--- http://bit.ly/1GHJMie</p>
Awesome design! Would LOVE some installed lasers.
I'm only 13 and I'm building burning lasers 300mw. And I'm thinking of building this gauntlet and try to install a laser.
<p>If you have the money I can recomment a sheetmetal folding mashine for around $100, cheaper if you find a used one. Makes it so you dont have to hammer as much.</p><p>http://www.biltema.se/sv/Bil---MC/Verktyg-och-Verkstadsutrustning/Karosseri/Platbockningsverktyg-2000031310/</p>
<p>I want do make this but I am a trained sheetmetal worker so I will use aluminium, 0.7mm. Easy to cut, cheap and lightweight.</p>
<p>How about a step by step Instructable...?</p>
<p>Would you make me one? .....if so....here's my facebook. https://www.facebook.com/tdmit07</p>
<p>awesome man</p>
I know a couple places locally that laser cuts sheet metal. I wonder about modding pepakura files and having a whole suit done in steel :)
Thanks chuddleston1, I would have been stuck here for days
blue prints? <br>
That looks great!
Parab&eacute;ns! Muito bem feito!
Oh okay. Thanks chuddleston1
on the mobile app it is just a picture, however on the website (desktop) it is a video.
dude, this is awesome, make the one from iron man 3 <br>
All there is, is the picture
I see a working video on my screen. Anyone else only see a picture?

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