Here's a new tutorial on how to make a futuristic gauntlet. This is made from 22 gauge stainless steel
<p>Started making this gauntlet using 19 gauge mild steel, because I have such small hands for my size (6ft) I bought the blueprints from your site but had to make some changes to certain parts. I also found using the grinder to lightly skim where the bend is in the finger plates gives it more of a machine feel.</p><p>Thank you for the amazing blueprints :) wouldn't have had a clue where to start otherwise </p>
<p>What kind of sheetmetal did you use?</p>
22-gauge stainless steel, he sais it in his youtube video
Awesome design! Would LOVE some installed lasers.
I'm only 13 and I'm building burning lasers 300mw. And I'm thinking of building this gauntlet and try to install a laser.
<p>If you have the money I can recomment a sheetmetal folding mashine for around $100, cheaper if you find a used one. Makes it so you dont have to hammer as much.</p><p>http://www.biltema.se/sv/Bil---MC/Verktyg-och-Verkstadsutrustning/Karosseri/Platbockningsverktyg-2000031310/</p>
<p>I want do make this but I am a trained sheetmetal worker so I will use aluminium, 0.7mm. Easy to cut, cheap and lightweight.</p>
<p>How about a step by step Instructable...?</p>
<p>Would you make me one? .....if so....here's my facebook. https://www.facebook.com/tdmit07</p>
<p>awesome man</p>
I know a couple places locally that laser cuts sheet metal. I wonder about modding pepakura files and having a whole suit done in steel :)
Thanks chuddleston1, I would have been stuck here for days
blue prints? <br>
That looks great!
Parab&eacute;ns! Muito bem feito!
Oh okay. Thanks chuddleston1
on the mobile app it is just a picture, however on the website (desktop) it is a video.
dude, this is awesome, make the one from iron man 3 <br>
All there is, is the picture
I see a working video on my screen. Anyone else only see a picture?

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