Picture of Iron Man Inspired Repulsor Beam Blaster V1.0
Homebrew repulsor beam blaster that’s designed to produce extremely intense burst of light that can be used to repulse your archnemesis, girlfriend, wife and pet cat :P

Coincidentally a few days ago (July 13th) is the “Embrace Your Geekness Day” and what better way to embrace you inner geekness than making your own super hero inspired gadgetry.

Have fun!

More build photos and other stuff

Step 1: The Circuit

Picture of The Circuit
The repulsor is essentially two circuits that are switched ON/OFF using a DPST switch.

The source of the DC Step-up Charging Module is the good old analog cameras. When extracting the module, mark the wires so you don’t mix them up. If you have one lying around, then don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. If not, then google is your friend.

Do not short the lead of a charged capacitor, it will pop in your face, literally. I learnt my lesson the hard way a while back. Play safe, always have a large resistor handy, discharge the capacitor via the resistor before you begin to fiddle with it.

The purpose of the discharge switch in the schematic is to short and safely discharge the capacitor when it’s no longer in use.

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ilpug3 years ago
Is this very disorienting if you get it full in the face?
Jayccob ilpug12 days ago

Kind of late but yes, I made one and used it in a haunted corn field to disorient people long enough to appear or disappear. Bewared however, it does create those annoying white spots in your vision.

T-K ilpug2 years ago
Try it!
Icalasari ilpug3 years ago
I want to know this. It could be VERY useful then...
Jayccob12 days ago

Hey guys, if you are looking for the parts, aka the camera with flash to rip open, go to a place like Rite-aide. In my town at least they still do onsite development of the film and as a result have boxes of the shells laying around. I go in and ask for them and they gladly give them away for free. The shells still have the DC step up, Arc tube, and capacitor.

Only ks for the places with onsite development though.

Frodo10701 month ago

Can I purchase one of these, or the materials from you?

mali707 months ago
does anyone know where I can buy these parts?
bthomas431 year ago
Could i purchase one of these from you?
coda8762 years ago
Chein, thanks for the great post. I cant wait to get started on my own.
jeno452 years ago
How long does it take to make?
T-K2 years ago
Working on one right now, and I've just finished the electronics. A combination of this instructable and these two other repulsor gauntlets would be awesome!

Potentiometer-based fade-in of LEDs
Sound effects from toy hack
Sarrx2 years ago
Could a similar version of this be made with high power leds so that it would literally have a beam of light as well as the flash circuit? Sort of a more powerful burst nd a less powerful (but long range) sustained beam.
nurdee13 years ago

I wonder if this would work to repel sisters. Also you should do a full blown step by step instructable. You might be able to get th camera flash part from an old disposable camera.
aca154 years ago
does this shoot
xinistrom aca154 years ago
LOL yeh, it can blast holes through bank vault, i tried it
I accidentally pointed it at the moon, now there is a small crater in it, what should I do?
nothing, not like it would be noticed anyway :D
Did I forget to say that I hit where the Apollo 13 landed?
"Houston, we have a problem" hehe
l99roufs4 years ago
Hi wher could you get the velcro straps?
njkl444 years ago
I dont understand this at all. u made a fancy thing that goes on ur arm that flashes...
So what part don't you understand?
The arm part or the flashing part?
Pizzapie5003 years ago
The capacitor popped in my face too! Do you think it's completely out of juice now? Cause' i'm scared to touch it.
edm39c4 years ago
How much would it cost to make this?
d1ndian4 years ago
you should make a video of u fighting with someone with the same device.
robertjames4 years ago
ware can i get all of this

openroad124 years ago
Please help me I've been stuck on this for weeks but I just cant figure out how to wire the flash part. Is the dc charging module the whole circuit board or just a small thing on it
Chein (author)  openroad124 years ago
The whole circuit board
lioncour4 years ago
Hello and gratulations on an great intructable.

I was just wondering if the charging module draws current from both the battery sources?
Arent the disposable cameraes only 3 volt?

Best regards Anders.
sekkei4 years ago
VOTED! I like it!!!
I should do it =)
gitboxrhys4 years ago
Thanks this is really fun
Ben Nguyen4 years ago
I am quite inspired by your innovative creation. This is a wonderful 'ible and I give you a 5/5. I plan on making this using my supply of capacitors from a coilgun, but I need to know where to find a circuit board like yours. Do you have any recommendations as to where I might find one?
D00M994 years ago
Excuse me;

I don't quite get where the flash and the charging source comes from. Can you explain it to me as simple as possible? Thanx.
Chein (author)  D00M994 years ago
The flash and the circuit that does the charging are taken from an old camera.
D00M99 Chein4 years ago
Could you make this with one of those disposable cameras? Those are probably easier to get except I don't know if it's the same...
Trilby D00M994 years ago
That is a disposable camera...
D00M99 Trilby4 years ago
Oh. Sorry. I didn't quite understand.
ya, that is what he means i think, u can get those for free anyway. i made a "flashbang" using some of those....
Don't daze me, bro!
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