Iron Man Lego Costume




Introduction: Iron Man Lego Costume

Step 1:

I cut up a box I had on hand and ducttaped it together.

Step 2:

Cut out a hole for the head and arms make sure the hole for the head is smaller than your lego head or else it won't sit well. I later added foam pieces to keep the head I place but forgot to take pictures.

Step 3:

I used my old protein bucket for the head and just cut the bottom off. I painted the whole thing with burgundy, white, and gold acrylic paint and used a paint pen for the details.

Step 4:

I made some lego hands that didn't turn out the greatest but I cut out the shape on cardboard and used foam to separate the two sides and paper mached them leaving a hole in the middle for my son's hands. I was in a rush the night before halloween and didn't bother to try them on him so his hands didn't fit great haha. Oh well.

Step 5:

I found a burgundy shirt and pants at Walmart and called it a day!

Oh and I found the light on his chest at lowes, I hot glued it to the front and we used it as a flash light while trick or treating! :)



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