Introduction: Iron Man Mark 7 Portable Hand-mounted Auto-attatched Repulsor/Coilgun/Tazer

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Hello everyone in this  instructable i'll show you the process of hoe to make a repulsor out of a camera flash , some pulse switches , magnet wire and a couple of more things. While i was trying to do this i made 3 repulsor , one made of plastic ( doesn't turned out really well) , one mde of foam and resin ( this was my favourite for it's resistant materials) and the thrird and the one that i'm going to show you it one made entirely of a composed material half foam half plastic reforce. 
The first thig to do is to get a camera with a flash in it a dissasembly carfully the whole thingh ( be carefull to discharge the capacitor ). For this part i'm no going to be very detailed because here in instructables there are lots of step by step instructables showing how to make it, for that reason i''l just leave you a circuit diagram to guide you over the process. The next part is to attatch a coil gun like the diagram , the pulse switch for the flash or tazer (it;s up to you ) , and the power supply .
Next i downloaded and printed the pdo files of the mark 7 forearms , handplate , right hand .once done that i cutted the foam out of the parts printed and superglued them together. once everything is done i gave them 3 layers of vinilyc paint , this reforces the whole structure.
For the fingers i printed them into a 120 gr paper so it can be rigid and at the same time light enough.Once everything was done y painted everything in red silver and gold paint (for the details) , and installed the electronics. Glueing some magnets in the wirst and in the forearm lets the armour to be portable ,and it will also attatch to my wirst because of my magnetic bracellet (just some inexpensive bracellet with a couple of orientated magnets in it ).
The final step is to test it up and have fun ,i also made a replica of the arc reactor, this is all for now see you next time.


AustinW36 (author)2016-04-20

Can you send me the file too at

kartikay.bhardwaj.31 (author)2015-01-22

can anyone tell me on what principal does the iron man hand repulsar works

ScottP3 (author)2014-11-21

Can you send me the PDO file? Mark 7 e 6 Please! E-mail:

ScottP3 (author)2014-11-21

Você pode me enviar o arquivo PDO? Por favor! E-mail:

2many2count447 (author)2014-07-06

Please send to me at

Zerovzx (author)2014-05-12

Please send me the file too... I want to make one!

coliveira11 (author)2014-01-06

Can you send me the PDO file? Please! E-mail: - Mark 7 e 6

tikatic (author)2013-04-20

This is so awesome but could you simplify it a bit?

AM Robotics (author)tikatic2013-05-27

Trust me it's as simply as I could do , What don't you understand ?

cewer (author)2013-05-26

i dont understand at all

AM Robotics (author)cewer2013-05-27

It's an Iron man Mark 7 Hand replica that can shoot magnets , deploy a flash beam , and has a built in tazer . It's portable and it's size can be reduced to a single part like armor 42 in the movie - Spoilers ....

cruvas (author)2013-04-29

hi need 7 mark if you can send me will be have a model here but it does not have a hand, please send your. his work was perfect.

cruvas (author)2013-04-27

Hey send me the file. PDO please e-mail:

AM Robotics (author)cruvas2013-04-27

I,ve got the mark 6 , mark 7 and mark 47 armour templates , wich one do you want ?

Flaky_Jay's (author)2013-04-11

were did you get the templet from? do you think you could post the link? very well done by the way i want to try cast aluminum... maybe one day.

AM Robotics (author)Flaky_Jay's2013-04-11

i got the templates at , i'll be adding some dropbox files if you want , but you'll need pepakura viewr in order to see and print them. If you want to cast aluminium y just have to make it in foam and apply several layers vinylic paint in order to endure the material , then you can make the mold

krembacz (author)2013-04-07

How exactly did you make this?

AM Robotics (author)krembacz2013-04-07

Did you read the text after the images ? If you still don't understand let me know

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