This was my Halloween costume from last year (2011).  I worked on it from June 2010 to October 2011.   I am wearing it again for Halloween this year (2012)  Since I spent such a large amount of time on it, I figured I should get some repeat business out of it.  ; )

Step 1: Step 1-taking Plaster Casts

The first step was to take plaster wraps of my body to create models that could later be modified and used for vaccum forming the plastic armor pieces.  I had a friend wrap a plaster cast of my torso.  My arms and legs I managed to wrap on my own-difficult to do, but possible. 

When taking a plaster wrap on yourself or anyone else, it it VERY important that you have some type of liner between skin and the wet plaster.  Also a cutoff strip (the gold tube in the pictures) is HIGHLY reccommended.  What you do is tape the cutoff strip in place, wrap plaster around the limb and the cutoff strip.  Then once the plaster dries, pull the cutoff strip out.  What it does is create space to be able to cut the now dried plaster wrap off. 

What you do next is staple the wrap back together, add another strip of plaster to seal it back together. 

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