Step 3: Wiring the LED's

Once you have the wooden disks it's time to begin wiring the LED's. You'll need some good pliers and cutters, one wooden disk, the LED's and resistors and a large blob
of blue tack.

Take the surface mount led's and cut the right number off the end of the packing. Turnthis upside down over the blue tack and slowly peel the cover off from under it.

This will leave your LED's all neatly lined up on the blue tack. Push the gently down before they all start to move.

Tin the pads of the surface mount LED's. Apply just a small amount of solder to each of the legs of the LED.

Next line the surface mount resistors up to the LED's, press them lightly into the blue tack too. Heat up the pad that you want to attach the LED to and gently push the
resistor towards it. This will ensure the resistors are attached firmly to the LED.
Using the template you'll read about in the next step, place it over the wooden disk and use it to mark the desired locations of all the LED's. The central LED will be
placed over the bolt hole.

Warm up the glue gun. Use a very small spot of glue to hold each LED in place on the disk. Don't worry too much about accuracy because when you solder the LED the
glue will melt and give you a chance to realign it.

Strip the end of the kynar wire while it is still on the roll. Hold it up to the desired gap on the board and cut a piece to the desired length. Hold the wire with the pliers
(usually a small length) and strip the other end of the wire.

Now when you dab the wire and LED pad with the soldering iron, the solder already on the pad should melt and the two will stick in the desired place, don't forget the glue
melts though so be careful not to nudge the LED before it sets again.

Imagine the wiring as a spiral, there are 8 LED pairs, each pair connected with a 180 Ohm resistor.
Apologies for the arc reactor with Green LED's, next time I make a white one I'll update the photos
benha945 years ago
ok, couple of questions. they look to be wired in series, do you need the resistors to keep them all the same brightness or can you wire them in series without any resistors and have them all the same brightness? would mounting them on balsa wood work? thats all, thanks
trauma-d5 years ago
Do you have to use surface mount leds or would regular ones work?
sszarck5 years ago
 I really like your instructable. I was wondering if you could explain your iring a little? is it in series or parallel? what are the details on you leds and resistors. Thanks
msraynsford (author)  sszarck5 years ago
I admit this it not very clear, it was the first one I made with this configuration of LED's and it is not the clearest. I've just got some orders for MkV reactors so I am going to remake this. The wiring should be a bit clearer and I'll add some new diagrams, but might have to wait a few days for that.