Iron Man O' Lantern





Introduction: Iron Man O' Lantern

My version of iron man in a pumpkin.
I downloaded an image from the net and resized it. Then taped it on and hole punched an outlined onto my pumpkin. Using a jigsaw to cut the top and eyes was very fast and easy. Then using a router with a straight bit set to 1/2" I cut out the parts of the face I wanted to glow. Detailed clean up was done with a dremel tool. Check out other instructables for more details on how to carve, but I recommend using a jigsaw and router to save a lot of time.

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    Had fun using power tools to carve pumpkin. Made a bit of a mess with the router. Maybe with a little more practice, my sculpting will come out as good as yours did. Good fun! Thanks.

    This looks really cool I want to try it. Where did you find the image?

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    Thanks. One thing I noticed was that with the small eye openings not much air gets into the candle. So a battery powered light might be needed.

    you could drill some air holes in the back side just to give it a bit extra air