Iron Man Suit





Introduction: Iron Man Suit

My second costume build attempt using foam flooring from home depot.

Step 1: Starting the Foam Process...

I began by downloading files from the web, using pepakura software as my designer/viewer program. From here, its print, cut, trace, repeat.

Step 2: Making the Helmet

I decided to build this costume out of Foam. It was easier to work with, and took less time than a previous fiberglass build. I used hot glue to adhere the parts together, which was also nice and easy.

Next, I used a two part cast called "smooth on 65D" , and painted it on the outside of the helmet to give it a smooth, hardened look. It also gave it more strength. The downside was that painting it on left a lot of work for sanding, and then I had to apply 8-10 coats per part, just to get it to a nice thickness that i wanted. Needless to say, it was very time consuming, but worth it in the end.

Step 3: Body Parts ...

Once all the pieces are measured and cut, the body parts get assembled one, by one. For the chest and back parts, I reinforced the structure using thick wire that was easy to bend and form into the inside of the foam, and still keep its shape, and gave it more structure.

Step 4: Paint and Detail Beginnings...

Here I chose just flat black, very basic color scheme. I used some scrap wire for detail effects.

The arc reactor was a previous build that I did a while back... here is a link for that.

The chest parts were attached using velcro and straps. All leds, and electronic servos were powered by a few 9v batteries.

Step 5: Hands...

These were the most difficult to build, design, and make functional.

Step 6: Final Electronics and Details.

I did install servo's in the helmet, for the gun turret, and the jet pack. All are activated by a push button i modified on the chest piece for now.

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Could you possibly share the files you used for the foam build? Searching for Pepakura files to work with the thickness of foam is just not working out, seeing as they would be much different than the detail used in paper builds. Thanks!

how many foam sheet have you used

Hi! I was just wondering if you were ever planning on making more awesome costumes like this. They are really cool!

Hey, what did you use for the hinges on the helmet face plate?

Can you please add a link to the templates you used for this project?

(Pepakura or Pdf)
Thanks! :)

where's the pdf to download the templates"

Could you please share the link for the pepakura files you used? I've looked every where on the web and can not find a valid link. The last one I tried, just installed a bunch of junk on my computer.


Great suit. I see a lot of people using the floor mats and wonder if I'm wasting my time trying to use craft foam. I should build some peps. I like the idea of using wire as support.