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This Instructable is continuing on one of my past Instructable from 2015. called Tony Stark Arc/Repolser

Here is a good question, what is Tony without his armor. well he is a genius billionaire named Tony Stark. Witch isn't quite as impressive. So I decided why not give the perfect idea of what to buy to have your own personal mind controlled Iron Man body guard with your tony stark costume. Ok so its not really mind controlled but that would be pretty cool wright. So since We haven't made mind control technology yet you will have to get somebody to dress up as the armor. So lets get started.

Step 1: The Brake Down of the Armor

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  1. The Helmet. You can get one at Walmart or on Amazon.
  2. The Costume. It can be found at Walmart near Halloween or on Amazon all year round.
  3. The Gloves you can get them On Amazon. Most of them say one size fits all. they lied.

Step 2: Done

That's it Were done. Comments mean a lot. Let me know how you liked it.


Fin the human (author)2016-02-08

This is a Question for my viewers. Witch of Theas pictures do you like best.

I took them all.

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