Iron Man Xbox 360


Introduction: Iron Man Xbox 360



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    Please upload the instructions, It really looks very nice.

    Led mod the remote too, green ring doesn't match up lol

    This is awesome! Please give steps to make it.

    wow man sorry that it truly awesome i just have seen too many fakes around but at least this is truly ligit

    No problemo man, I just posted the picture so people wouldn't think I'm faking it. haha.

    sorry if something may be wrong but I'm using google translator because I'm Italian ... I explain how you did and if you can do it pay? You can reply to my e mail

    SWEET! You showed him!

    Don't call him out on something, if you don't know it.

    GET OWNED!!!!!!!!!! And to pkmnjunky7, this is AWESOME!

    I did actually make it... It's sitting a few feet away from me right now actually.

    at last a 360 that will not red ring i know for a fact stark makes good stuff

    Absolutely amazing, I am really lost for words.

    I, as well as many others I am sure, would love to know how you pulled it off, my personal guess is that a laser cutter was involved somewhere. Although knowing would almost ruin it in a sense....

    Anyway, every link to the auction does not work, so if you would not mind.

    Did you ever sell it, and if you did, how much?

    Forgive me for my boldness, but this intrigued me so much I feel compelled to ask for more details.

    But overall, it just looks so incredibly cool, seriously, you deserve the internet.

    i want. even though it has nothing on the new star wars xbox coming out

    btw, where did you get that faceplate?

    Wow, if you ever do another mod please make a step-by-step.

    This is awesome... well done, I would love my xbox to look like that! hehe

    High Five for you