Recently i have been re working my first iron man Arc reactor to stream line the production time etc. i decided to take a look at making the Arc reactor from the second film.  so this is how i went about making my Iron man 2 arc reactor.

Step 1: Tools and Materials.


- sand paper
- files
- small saw and coping saw (fret saw)
       ~these tools are if you dont have access to a laser cutter
-knife, craft knife, scalpel (something to cut thin materials with)


- 3mm acrylic (any colour as it will be painted)
- 2mm acrylic (any colour but you will need some clear, i used all clear for all of it to make it easier)
- thin blue plastic. the type that they make document folders from.
- liquid solvent glue
- Spray paint. plastic primer, silver paint, clear coat.

What if I directly use silver acrylic ?<br>would it be the same ?
<p>it might be worth a go, the only issue i could see with that is that sometimes laser cutters can make scorch marks on the plastic which you wouldnt be able to get rid of by painting over. </p><p>give it a go and see what happens :) </p>
Awesome idea<br>Loved It....!!
Can you please attach laser cutting files please........
u doesn't show the fixing of light <br>
<p>Great job! The EL panels have a lighted effect and can be cut down to a custom size. See image. I have found a good source for the panels here www.el-w.com and <br>here www.etsy.com/shop/lightkraft They were the best prices I've <br>found in the US.</p>
Yes I know. That's why I used it.
<p>What Kind Of LEDs Did You Use??</p>
​no LEDs in this it's an Electro luminescent sheet.
<p>By any chance do you have the files posted on here so I can use them to cut out the shapes? :)</p>
Whats the radius of the whole arc reactor?
i never laser cutted anything.. so what i will have to say if i want ones like you??? please help me out..
thanks for the reply, im also wondering how thick is the arc reactor? is it thin enough to fin under a t shirt? im considering using another deisgn for an arc with less detail than yours but is only 12 mm thick
im pretty sure if you use 2mm plastic for the layers it will be 12mm thick. <br> <br>this is made in three sets of two layers each, the layers are 2mm, so its 3 groups of 4mm . 3x4=12 :) <br>
hi, first i have to say this is one of the best arc reactors i've seen <br>my question is what color spray paint you used for the arc reactor <br>thanks
Erm I'm not sure or the paint name (it was automotive spray paint from halfords in the uk.) but its just a bright metallic silver paint.
Man, this was by far my favorite of Tony's Arc Reactor, and it is great to brag to my friends :P
what i mean with the back of the reactor / the stand are these things....
I did it just how I said I did in step 5. I looked at photos found on a google search and drew the. Up on illustrator and cut them out on a laser cutter.
Why 3mm acrylic? You say you made all the parts out of the 2mm... <br>And how to make the stand? the back of the reactor?
Parts of the base were 3mm but you can use 2mm <br>What do you mean &quot;and how to make the stand? The back of the reactor?&quot; ? <br> <br>The stand was made by looking at the source photos and copying the design as well as I could. <br> <br>
What's the best place to buy the acrylic sheets? I've been looking everywhere, and can't seem to find where they sell these. :/
Well it depends where you are. I'm in the uk so I get mine from : www.plasticstockist.com but I wouldn't know where to get it anywhere else.
Nice project, I don't have access to a lase cutting machine , so y made every piece on my own with my dremmel based on your schematics, here's a picture of it , thanks !
That's great work. It looks really great. Thank you for sharing your picture. :)
Please could you attach the Laser cutting files?? <br>
I love this!

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