Introduction: Iron Man 3 - IRON PATRIOT HELMET

After getting the ironman helmet for my costume and having my friend make a latex cast. i decided to try and make a war machine helmet. i did the prep and primed it then realised i had no black spray in my stockpile. i did the silver and then checked what i did have, blue was the only option that seemed to match. I was basing this paint scheme off a 90s iron man stealth mode figure. today before up loading i searched the net for blue helmets stumbled upon leaked images from IM3, I realised that Iron Patriot in the next iron man movie has the same colour scheme as my helmet, so i can proudly say im one of the first to make the iron patriot helmet.........even if it was an accident.

theres a pic with the iron man or comparison and I took a random pic with my captain america shield for a bit of fun.

im gonna be making a few of these in random colours, just while my costume is on hold, any suggestions on colour mixes?
im working on war machine and also pepper pots' rescue armour (iron maiden) but other than that i want to make somehing random, suggestions?

update, 2- 7 -12 just added some lights to it.



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    In the new movie they rename war machine iron patriot

    I preferred War Machine
    (Even Tony Stark hated The Iron Patriot as a name)

    Try a black and orange paint job... Well actually black with any colored accents would look amazing!

    how did you make it ?

    nice job on the helmet. Unfortunatly it is not Iron Patriot in Iron Man 3, its War Machine with a new paint scheme on his armor

    thanks, the next one will be pink with cyber dreadlocks hopefully in the next week or two.