I'm ready for holloween! 
This instructable will teach you how to make a cheap 3" iron man arc reactor mark 4 prop for a costume

Step 1: Creating the Face Pieces

This is the trickiest part because it requires patience and proper measurements (on your part). this is creating the face of the arc reactor. the face consists of 5 pieces; the large triangle, the smaller triangle(fits inside of the larger triangle), and the three "v" shaped pieces(that fit under the larger triangle).

       i used Tupperware lids to make the cutouts. In order to get the larger and smaller triangles i went to google images and searched "perfect triangle" and then printed out the proper size triangle for the 3" arc reactor.

i was careful that the larger triangle fit perfectly into a 3" circle. and the smaller triangle fit in the middle of the larger triangle. 

       i cut out these parts with an xacto knife. i found that the "v's" were the hardest part. i have given pictures of my templates. it's up to you to decide on the measurements of the pieces.

once you have the pieces cut out you will need to sand them down and paint them. i used metallic silver krylon spraypaint. 
Can we use any other material other than tupperware lids in part 1?
Great job :) it will help me ;) thankz
Hi, how do you make it stick to your shirt? :)
I had an undershirt and i applied velcro to the arc reactor and under shirt. Then i took a regular shirt and cut a hole in it.
Could you explain the second part(the lighting) a little bit more? I don't understand what you're supposed to do. Thanks. And about the 12 V battery pack thing........... Is it actually just two 6V batteries together? Thanks again :D <br>
hey sorry for replying so late. the 12 volt battery pack was bought from radio shack. it holds 8AA batteries, to wire the led's all you have to do is straight wire it (positive contacts, negative contacts.)
I was looking for a good arc reactor for Halloween and I'm pretty sure it's this one.
thanks! if you have any questions please ask. :)

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