Iron-man Armor





Introduction: Iron-man Armor

Ironman process that is not a tutorial.

I will not speak English so I translated it in google it.

Greetings from Dominican Republic.



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    Can you give me a picture toutrail

    I get mine from lowes. In my lowes its right next to the nuts and bolts if that helps. Usually a pretty good peice like the one he had costs me about 4 dollars tops.

    That music is one of the best songs of all tis it's called jam by the king of pop micheal Jackson my idol

    sigue el buen trabajo

    hey pikminred YOU ARE THE ONE THAT STINKS!!!!

    heh i could see halo armour this way X-D

    i WILL not speak english...

    hahahaha classic ;)

     try making a papercraft model of the parts and then fibre-glassing them

     man its awesome! 5 stars!! 
    im going to do a mask like yours can u send me the templates of them please.
    anyways its soo cool

    Me parece increíble.  ¡Buen trabajo!  Es el traje de iron man más genial del internet. 

    Da*n! you are Tony Stark!
    I will try to do something with my grandad in workshop by summer.
    Great work!

    men esta genial la armadura. por lo que veo pintaste la armadura como si fuera un carro jeje y yo tambien me estaba preguntando si podrias poner las plantillas en alguna pagina o mandarmelas por correo o po algun otro lado

    hey sir.

    i am mark  and i am from holland.
    i want to make the ironman costume like you did.
    buth its nog reale going good.
    so i want to ask you if you can help me make the costume.
    can you send me some molds ore tamplets?

    you are my heroes if you want to do it.
    i am working on it of 3 jears now buth i don`t want to give up.
    pleas help me if you want and can.

    regards mark.

    great costume except the thighs need some gold spray paint

    Me gustaría las plantillas para tu traje si puedo tenerlos. Podría publicarlos en algún sitio o de correo electrónico a mí? Gracias.

    looks very realistic except the chest is too flat, it needs to be rounder. also the tops of the faceplate should be rounded to fit the helmet and shortened, other than that, the metal and bondo together look like the real thing!

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    it is true what you say has already been noticed. the problem is that I did with very little time to make the armor. and zinc is not as easy to mold. greetings this is translated into google lol