Picture of Iron on Hand Prints - T Shirt for Mom
Those t-shirts with the little one's hand prints on them are so cute - but the mess in making them.

Well, let's use all this technology to our advantage. Moms, teachers, day care people - use your camera and computer to do the same thing without the muss and fuss!

You can take the image of the children's hands with either a camera or a scanner - which ever is easily accessible. Upload them to your photo editor software. I used Photoshop Elements 7.0.
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Step 1: Materials needed

Picture of Materials needed
The basics that you need are a t-shirt, an iron-on transfer, and an iron. My picture goes into great detail about choosing your iron-on transfer. There are all kinds of different brands and specialties.

Step 2: Scan the hand.

Picture of Scan the hand.
Scan or photograph the palms of each hand. (And that image is my chubby hand - not a kid's. Do not adjust your picture.)

If you do take a photograph, make sure you use a white piece of paper as a background. This will make it much easier to remove the background from the hand in later steps.

Bring the photo into a photo editing software. Crop the photo/scan so that there is little background in the document.

All my instructions apply to Photoshop Elements 7.0. But I did also do this on Pixlr - an online free photo editing program.

iPodGuy2 years ago
Nice idea for a mom, but the placement of the hands makes it look like somebody's grabbing her breasts.
Carol at Natures Sol (author)  iPodGuy2 years ago
Believe it or not, I actually did move the hands around to try to not have that image. But then again, you wouldn't know, but kids usually do grab especially when their hands are filthy LOL.