Iron-on Transfer Sheet Pouches




Introduction: Iron-on Transfer Sheet Pouches

This is a fun way to customize a piece of fabric, felt or leather. I got this idea from one of my favorite bloggers at "Just Something I Made". 

Step 1: Design

When creating your pattern or design have some fun... customize it by adding your name, an image of your pet, your children or a special photograph. I created mine in a drawing program and then printed it out on the transfer sheet.  The great thing about these transfers, is that you don't have to reverse the design. These are similar to stickers

Step 2: Iron

Follow transfer instructions carefully. Place the parchment paper over your design and then iron onto fabric . (Here I show a different image)

Step 3: Cut Out Pattern

Once it's ironed, cut your shape out and start sewing!!

Step 4: Other Designs

Here's an eyeglass I made for myself with an "F" pattern.



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