Picture of Ironing Center for under $10

This is my FIRST "Instructable" that I want to share with all my sewing and quilting enthusiast friends! I just recently got married and moved. The room I use as a sewing/quilting area is also used as a spare bedroom, so space is very limited and needs to be "neat". I was using a standard ironing board, which was large and awkward to navigate from sewing table, to around bed to the board to iron every seam on a quilt block as its prepared. I had saw on Pinterest pins made from a TV snack table...but alas I didn't want to break apart a set, and wanted a larger ironing place....So, with thought and seeing a bookcase that my new hubby had sawn down, I had a vision. Don't all DIY projects start with this crazy vision of a completed masterpiece? We had this bookcase that was very tall that he had cut down into a smaller bookcase to fit in our office. I quickly grabbed the measuring tape and measured the castaway part. It was 36" from floor to ceiling! PERFECT height!! (if yours isn't, just measure and recut!)

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Step 1: Starting Bookcase

Picture of Starting Bookcase

So, here is the beginning of my "masterpiece"! Its a sturdy particle board bookcase. You could also use an old dresser or table for the same purpose!

WOW! What a great idea (lots of good ideas really). I quilt a lot and of course, nothing is close to where my ironing board is. I tire from all the running back and forth to get the things I need and then have to set it all off to the side of the iron or set it all on top of fabric totes. This is my next project when I can scout out an old book shelf or something. LC, you are the smartest quilter/seamstress I have come across. You have my vote for sure. : )

LutheranChick (author)  reikimaster55551 year ago

Would love to see your end project...this really made me stop to look at things differently to repurpose! I've been using it almost 2 months now, and honestly was the best idea I've ever had! Thanks reikimaster5555

What a great idea! I love the color and the fabric you picked for the top, it looks great and so much cuter than a regular old ironing board :)

Thank you "Danger", appreciate the wonderful comment!