Living in a small space can be an organizational challenge, but when you work in that space as well, it becomes even more difficult to keep things neat and orderly. I really dislike having my full sized ironing board sitting in the middle of my living room while I'm working on sewing projects. For several years now, I have had a small ironing station on my wish list. I've seen several variations at the retail level, but they were either not the right set up for me, or just too expensive for my budget. So I created my own ironing station -- the board is attached to the dresser, and swings out when I need it. Another fun project from Screaming Mimi's Sewing Room

Step 1: Find a Board & Secure It

I live in an old house that still retains most of the character of a mid-century home, including a little cabinet in the kitchen that contains an old drop down ironing board. Now you would think that would have solved my problem but...small kitchen...little counter space...needed the floor space in front for a microwave cabinet. Still, I kept thinking that I could use that ironing board somehow. So I finally got around to removing the board from the cabinet. 

I removed just the board itself, and left the metal mechanism in the cabinet. The board was attached to the metal with just one bolt, and a wing nut. Lucky me! I drilled a hole in the top of the old dresser I use for sewing supplies, and attached the board with the bolt, and the wing nut. I wanted a good portion of the board to sit on the dresser while it was turned out, so I made the hole just behind the 1X2 that runs down the inside center of the dresser.

If you don't have a board you can use for this project, or the tools to cut the board, take a trip to the lumber yard. More often than not, the staff at the lumber yard will cut the wood for you. If you don't have a drill to make the holes for the bolt attachment, check to see if your community has a tool library where you can borrow one.

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