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Welcome to my first Instructable! Thanks for checking it out.

Step 1:

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Get a box.

Step 2:

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Score all 4 sides top to bottom. This will weaken the box.

Step 3:

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Poke hole in all 4 corners on top of box.

Step 4:

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Cover top of box with tissue paper, two layers white, one layer red. I used a white glue and water solution, applied with a paint brush. Glue, paper, glue, paper, glue, paper.

Step 5:

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Cut a hole in top of box.

Step 6:

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Re-poke holes and push ribbon or string through, knotting ends on inside of box.

Step 7:

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Tape bottom of box closed an cover with tissue paper.

Step 8:

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Cover sides with tissue paper. (Two layers of white shown)

Step 9:

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After covering sides with red, cut out and attach yellow face to one side, cut out and attach blue eye pieces.

Step 10:

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Outline face features with black Sharpie. Make a Thor hammer piñata from a Kleenex box, wrapping paper tube, construction paper and tinfoil.


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