My seven year old son and I saw Ironman shortly after it came out. At some point after that the thought came up that it would be cool and fun to build our own suit for Halloween. I mulled the idea over for some time but only started on it in late September. The first thing I had a solid idea on the building of the suit were the gauntlet pieces. I had a large plastic cup that I though would be ideal for making a gauntlet sleeve. This led me to a store to pick up a couple more. While at this store (a local overstock reseller) I found a pair of children's red gardening boots made of foam. These came home with me and began the process.

The suit would turn out to be a crafter's fun project. Bits came from Goodwill, craft stores and found around the house. Hot glue and duct tape were also in high demand. The finished product was unveiled on the 31st of October to much hoopla. The costume went to school on Nov. 3rd for show and tell.

All in all it was a fun project and has inspired us for future Halloween fun.

Step 1: Gauntlets

The gauntlet sleeves were made from large plastic cups cut and taped to fit.

I cut out the bottoms and a strip up the side to size them to his arms then cut them to length at their wider end. I cut the wrist end to allow his hand to flex properly.

As I had some red duct tape (Heaven knows why) around the house, I decided to cover the gauntlet sleeves in this. It made for a fairly cool and impressive look in a short amount of time. The slit along the side was simply butted together and taped into place before covering with the red tape.

Red, child sized gloves were used for his hands. We originally thought of making small finger and back of hand plates out of plastic but opted for the simple gloves in the end.

The repulsor emitters were the paint cups cut out of a plastic paint palette and hot-glued into place. On the finished version these were covered in thin aluminum sheet (slightly thicker than aluminum foil).
Wow thats really good, makes me laugh, I used to love the iron man animations
That is awesome!!! If you had of left the LED's in the hands, then that would have made it perfect!!! By the way, LED's produce next to no heat, so it would've been fine if you left them there! Once again, Awesome!!!
Wow, all the cut outs to make the suit fit must have been time-consuming! Your son must have loved it!!!
When I was in the process it didn't really seem like a long time. I didn't track the hours put in on this but I know I started it about a month ahead of Halloween. He was so excited about it all he thought we should have also made him a Tony Stark costume.
total amazingness!!

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