Ironman \ War Machine Wood Burner





Introduction: Ironman \ War Machine Wood Burner

War Machine wood burner up cycled from an empty gas bottle.

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Step 1: Magic Marker

You should be aware that all gas bottle remain the property of the gas company at all times and of you attempt to modify a gas bottle you should only use ones from companies that have gone out of business.

firstly make sure your bottle is empty, remove the brass gas tap from the top and fill with water. this will displace any left over gas and make it safe to cut into.

I use a small angle grinder to remove the carry handle and do all my cutting.

Step 2: Let's Face It...

using my grinder and an ultra thin cutting disk I removed the face section in two parts. this allowed me to cut the eyes more accurately and a piece of square bar between the forehead and face.

Step 3: Face Lift

I positioned the face on the bottle and tacked in place.

Step 4: It's All in the Details

I used 2 gas bottle tops as ears and some square bar to create the detail around the ears. I found it really hard to position the chin on this thing but once I settled on it I welded it on, all the steel in scrap I have reclaimed.

the chimney was made out of two pieces of 3 inch square tube.

Step 5: Face Off

once I have finished sculpting the face I was originally going to place the door for the burner on the rear for fear of ruining the face. After a little deliberation I figures what the hell and used my grinder to put a few cuts in and remove the face. I found a 75mm hinge fit in the mouth of the burner perfectly and use this to weld the the fave plate back to the head.

Step 6: Grinder

Some square bar detailing on the forehead and some small lugs behind the face plate to catch the door and fabricating was complete.
I used a paddle wheel to smooth over all !y welds and remove the paint

Step 7: Two Tone

Although ironman is red and yellow, I prefer keeping the classic burner colours in all my pieces as on I decided to hit this one with a two tone paint job of stone black and UHT clear coat based on the war machine paint from the Movie.

Light and enjoy.

You can find more of my designs on my Facebook page. all commissions undertaken and worldwide shipping available.

Step 8:



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    I reeeally want to give this one a go! So awesome!!

    Now let's find an empty gas bottle! :-)

    I need one!!! How much??

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    This one is nearly finished...instructable to follow...

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