Introduction: Ironman Mark42helmet

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This helmat is a mark3 template,but i change it to mark42
Here are the steps of making the helmet

Step 1: Print a Template Out

Picture of Print a Template Out

First,print a template out,i use the mark3 template,after cut it out,you should use three A4 size to make it (if you wanted to wear it

Step 2: Make a 3D Model

Picture of Make a 3D Model

After you cut the template out ,you must prepare lots of hard cardboard,and make a 3d model with a hot glue gun

Step 3: Add Some More Ditails Parts and Change the Ears of the Helmet

Picture of Add Some More Ditails Parts and Change the Ears of the Helmet

You must figured out the mark3 and the mark42helmet's ears is different,so you must change it

Step 4: Add the Fibre Glass in the Inside of the Helmet

Use the fibre glass to harden the helmet

Step 5: Add the Bondo Glass on the Outside

Harden the helmet and make more nice by adding bondo glass

Step 6: Sand It and Add a Layer of File in the Inside the Helmet

Sand the helmet,add a layer of file inside the helmet,to avoide to hurt your head

Step 7: Your Done!

Congragilation!!!your done!!!^^


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