Picture of Irrational Quiche Pi
Pi Day

Tis Pi Day
But on what to dine?
First thought my way:
a pie!
Of course, logical
but... oh my!
tis'  only half a circle,
so half
a dinner to enjoy?
What filling then?-I gaff
Apple? Chicken pot?
all rational-
but then I thought
Oh no, what then?
An answer I beg!
A quiche? but-
my mind's a scrambled egg

The poem describes the idea of this "pie" I made for Pi Day 2013:
It is half a pie (as pi is really half of a circle when using trigonometry) and this recipe itself is an "irrational quiche" (eggs scrambled separately and placed in pie the pie shell).

To take it a few nerdy steps further, I am an "egg head" for math. Simply, I love numbers and cooking; the reason: the creativity and infinite nature of both is mind boggling...or should I say "scrambling" (like the eggs, get it!?!).... 
I hope I have not taken these puns far far to far but coming up with a proper Pi Day brunch involved breaking these two subjects I love down into into fun playful yumminess. This Irrational Pi Quiche is filled with more than Number-peppers, pi dough and eggs, tis also filled with love. Enjoy :D

As the for recipe itself, this allows for a quick Quiche-esque product, one that you can easily make smaller depending on how many people you are serving. If you are only making dinner for yourself, make a fourth of the recipe!

Wonderful! Such a creative idea :)