Is 3D Printing Safe? or DIY Testing for HCN from ABS and Nylon 3D Print Material


Step 10: Conclusions

Picture of Conclusions
     First, we hope that anyone with concerns about the safety of their unknown 3D Printing material can use this DIY as a guide to eliminate guesswork.
     Second, we were pleased with all of the test results as they prove that materials that we have all been using for years are indeed safe.
      Again, when 3D Printing, you should always vent all fumes and odors.

A special "Thanks" goes out to:
Mike M. Physicist
Ken L.  Engineer
Kristin D. Column Design
Jeff M.  China Support
Cambenora2 years ago
Excellent work guys. I think there should be more of this type of informational instructable; it's certainly worthwhile. A+.